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Alien Encounter in Canton, Ohio on 1971-06-15 23:15:00 – Taken as a child in ufo.

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


As a child of approx 8-9 years of age i was taken as a child and at the time i had thought it was a dream and for years after that until in all seriousness google earth came out strange i know but here’s what happened. i was in bed and i was awaken by what i thought was my grandmother who had recently passed away and her and i had a special bond. it wasn’t her but i found myself standing next to what appeared to be a well dressed man. i remember the creased pants all white and brownish blonde hair and i cannot describe him except for that. i also remember controls like in front of me but no levers to move or anything like that no knobs and such. more then that i remember how i felt i wasn’t scared i was more delighted if anything because i stood next to him and he let me look out through large windows and i new what he was showing me and that is where the google maps come into play. i was flying over houses and yards and i knew some of where we were it was like it was lit up looking through the glass but at the time i knew it was night. i felt like he just wanted to show me something and i stood right next to him and i remember feeling it was safe. i did ask him if i would be going home and i don’t remember his voice at all but i somehow knew again that i would. flying over the houses was like using google maps seeing all the houses but all i remember is residential looking at the tops of homes with some side like views and that night i remember someone covered me up. i asked my mother if she covered me up when i got up and she said no but i knew someone did and i have always kept this to myself and have scoured the internet for the years of 1970-1971 to see if their was any sightings near where i lived or even in my state and only found one in a county north of where i lived. i do actually remember it whatever it was they or he or it came through the wall right side of my window which faced the back of my home what i will always remember was though i wasn’t scared which yes even i find strange and i’m sure they covered me back up.

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