Alien Encounter in Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik-Neretva County on 1988-10-24 03:00:00 – Alien entity in hotel room in middle of night

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


Was on holiday in yugoslavia a few years before the civil war there. it now croatia, hotel no longer exists, blown up during war.
was returning to hotel room through a building when noticed a grasshopper in the middle of a corridor, so i thought if it stays their someone would likely squish it. so i picked it up to take outside, and one of its legs fell off, so i put it in a hedge for other insect to eat.
unable to identify grasshopper species, i’ve looked at croatian grasshoppers on google and cannot find a match, so think it may have alien biotechnology.
return to hotel room and went to bed, during sleep had a strange dream.
dream was of a white wooden church, surrounded by a white picket fence and a iron swing gate in the picket fence with a stoney path running up to the steps into the church. from the church fence a stoney road ran into rolling green grassy hills, the year was 1999 and everybody was happy. suddenly there was a noise from the sky and this huge planet slid into view just like planets do not do, then the planet got bigger and bigger like it was going to crash in to the earth where i was standing, then the earth disappeared, and i was falling towards the other planets surface, other planet had pink clouds and a pink semi-transparent ocean covering its surface, the only land above the surface of the ocean were four huge smoking volcanos. its taken quite a long time to workout where the other planet is but recent video’s of blue water on mars, and a strange feeling of that’s not right, the oceans were pink, and the water covered planet from the dream was mars before it lost its atmosphere and ocean. fell in bit futher and it felt like i was in some type of ship flying towards a point on the northen slope of the most northern volcano. although if you look at mars now iit would be a southern point on the slope of the southern most volcano, the dream had north at south and south at north. it this point i woke up due to dream getting scary, falling towards a strange planet at a huge speed woke me up.
so i wake up and a couple of feet away there’s the big head of some type of alien creature staring at me with very big eyes. only saw the top part of the head as it was standing or sitting next to the bed, part of the head was on the bed.
head was about two feet across, two tone green in color, plant like camouflage, like a tiger has stripes, although this was not a tiger. large pink/red very transparent spherical eye’s, with a pink curved figure 8 structure at the back of the eye’s but still in the spherical eye that had a dark structure at the base of the figure 8 shape that went into the head of the creature probably its optic nerve and other body structures. the eye’s did not have any lens of any sort at the front of the spherical eye’s. i think it could change the shape of the light detectors at the back of its eye’s therefore not needing a lens to focus light on its light structures at the back of its eye’s like human’s do. i could still move so non of that paralysis, i look at my camera several time’s, but it was behind the alien and in its case, and i did not want to find out that the alien may have been some strange huge spider type creature. all the doors in the room were locked with bolt locks and running away from a very large spider would be impossible. anyway after staring at each other for quite a while something forced me to roll onto my left side which put the alien behind me, and it left at that point. i didn’t hear it leave, i rolled back a few minutes later and it had gone. i search the hotel room to see if there was any evidence of the alien having been in the room, but there was not any.
alien creatures eye’s were bigger than a tennis ball, probably the size of grapefruits. creature never made any noise, it didn’t smell, i couldn’t see any ears, or a nose, or a mouth, may have been on the creature head of body that was blocked from sight by the bed. flat part of bed you sleep on was about 2ft off the ground. creature never talked, just put images into my head during the dream, or part of the dream was alien memories. if it was a dream i should have forgotten it by now.
i think i might still be in telepathic contact with the creature, due to getting strange mechanical sounding messages, which usually consist of ‘hello’ or ‘what you doing’ like something is using a machine as an interface. also some waking dreams keep getting interfered with, i have memories of a open bronze box in the middle of a metal corridor surrounded by strange machines.

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