Alien Encounter in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 1950-03-31 22:00:00 – Vistation

I was a baby in a crib and an unknown woman appeared all dressed in white was observied by 2 people covering me as a baby, over the years to this date i have been repeatly taken and then returned. when i was in los vegas my wife at the time was was awakned to see be float through the window and placed back in bed, over the years i experenced missing time, strange markes on my body.

when i was about 10 years old an baskball size orb of many puslating colors hovered over my bed, i was not scared, i stood up and reached out to touch the orb and it backed away, i tried reaching out several times each time the orb backed off and finally dissappeared through the closed window.

once about 10 years or so ago i was in my bedroom watching tv when i felt a strong presence at the window next to me, i turned to look and was faced with a grey looking at me, i felt no fear and felt i was not in any danger. i remember thinking, saying .. oh hi! but i have no memory of what happened after that.

this has been going on all my life to this day.

this is but a brief summeery of some of my experiences.

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