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Black Triangle Sighting in Not comfortable sharing a, California on 2017-10-15 21:40:00 – Triangle with lights blinking and vanishing

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


Going to the car for a smoke and being in forest area stars are very clear, i like looking at them. i notice “constellation” that is to the degree geometrically a perfect triangle. found that to be just lovely, great damn triangle people suck i want to have a smoke, what a bunch o ffucking assholes. i know no cussing that’s what i remarked. i’m smoking my cigarette in the car for a while, and i smoke it and am looking at the stars, and this “constellation” only to have it start flashing it’s lights in 36 and 9 sequence, one at a time. i look at it for a while, and wonder again i know no cussing but it’s what happened maybe it’s important, to myself “what the fuck is this bitch gonna do?” only to have it “respond” with a a brightly colored elecrtical/magnetic discharge of a an indescribably colored bolt leaving the end of the western most light. i decide “exit stage left” and do not run but walk away. as i’m halfway to my door i turn to check behind me as i walk and as i’m turning around to look forward again i notice i am being watched by somebody from onboard. i am not going to describe what it was doing for how long and where, and am not going to describe it. i make it to the door, to grab a witness, who acknowledges the triangle, and it’s lights and only agrees what is there. i could take a video and countless pictures… but… i dont!!! catch my drift? i see that it’s altitude is low enough to see the triangle stand out against and on the night sky, silhouette almost, and it starts to swivel/rotate on one of its “lights” (the axis of its triangular rotation) very very very slightly but enough to be noticed by both me and my witness. we both ask each other multiple times to fact check. we watch it for 8 minutes, standing in front of the door and we go in. after 10 minutes i check to see if it is there and the entire area of the sky is now night sky again once more. i saw its occupants very clearly and am not comfortable describing them on this emailed online form, i am not comfortable sending pictures online, and i am not comfortable sharing the information i now have as a result of conclusions of what has happened over there. i am not comfortable giving a location of the events i have, and will not describe to anybody who does not want to be permantly scarred for as long as they have to look at their loved ones such as their wives and children and family and girlfriends and their faces and eyes, and for as long as you truly love them. would like to share more with someone with balls in between human legs not to be rude but there is much more that can be told online or too someone who is weak and will kill themselves and or others such as the ones they love, over the conclusions from this story i want to tell them.

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