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Black Triangle Sighting in Raytown, Missouri on 2018-12-09 19:00:00 – Bright light that looked like a star but then started moving back and forth.

I was taking out my trash at about 7:00 pm and notice this very bright star-like object. then as i was watching it the object began to move right to left several times then it would return to its original spot. i thought, no way is that a star or plane moving like that so i continued to watch it. the object would then move towards the west in a very slow manner. then it would do the side to side movement again and move back towards the east where it started out.
i ran inside the house and got my night vision binoculars and yelled at my friend to come out with me to see this thing. the object was still there and when i viewed it through the night vision binoculars i could only see a very bright light that was round and that is when i could see the three orbs to the left of it. the orbs just appeared gray in color and they were just remaining stationary.
i went back into the house and got my regular binoculars. through regular binoculars i could really view the object as it was. i balanced the binoculars on my car to hold them steady. i have included the drawing i did of what the object looked like to me. i have a feeling the string of bright lights that were in front of the object were attached (maybe with a metal arm) to the bigger triangle shape object and i just couldn’t see it. i have no idea what the orbs were but perhaps they came out of the object. it was so bright it reminded me of a shiny diamond all lite up and shiny. there were so many lights on it, so it was very bright.
i watched it for about an hour and it just kept doing the same thing over and over but it was ever so slighly moving to the west.

i went inside and iwould go outside about every 20 to 30 minutes to check on the light. the light was still up there for 4 hours but had move more to the west then in the south but still going right to left. i didn’t check it any more that night but it was there for a long time that night. i tried to film the light on my phone but it would not show up.

on january 8, 2019 the same thing happened again. i was dumping the trash and there the same light was again, in the same spot of the southern sky. the light was doing the same thing moving from right to left. then i spoted another light doing the movements as the first one and this light was more to the east of the first light and appeared to be further away to the south. i couldn’t beleive it, two of them. then after about 10 minutes the second light that was futher away just disappeared. after about another 15 minutes the second light just disappeared out of the sky.

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