Black Triangle Sighting in Salem, Oregon on 2017-09-17 23:00:00 – Dark triangle hovering

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


I like to walk, stretch my legs, star gaze and think. on this night i was standing in front of my apartment. i don’t remember why i was standing there. i think i know what my intention was but instead i found myself just standing there. after a bit i realized that there was not so much a noise but more like a pressure on my ears, it was near silent. i looked up, i don’t think i saw it the first time, i looked around i’m not sure how long i was in this process, but i know i looked up more than once before i realized that there was something hovering over head. near straight up, and not that far away. in perspective, it was larger than car sized.
it was dark, a light absorbing blackness, near invisible against the night sky. what gave it away was that it blocked out stars. when i finally realized there was something there i just stood there staring at it. after a bit it slowly moved forward, paused then moved again, until it moved a little faster and left altogether.
it was like i knew what it was, but felt no fear. my pulse didn’t race, i didn’t even get excited. i just stood there staring at it, until it left. i’m not sure how long i was staring after it was gone.
when i went inside i figured 5 minutes had past, but the clock on the microwave said 39 minutes had past and my computer said more than that(hours). my son(adult) had no clue that i was gone, with zero memory of anything unusual.
in the months that have followed this incident, my health went through some changes, as has my sons. the crime rate in the area, could be mapped literally on the same path as the ufo, has gone through the roof, and strange too. outside the normal crime issues many cities are experiencing lately, this area has had many strange things happening.
headaches for one, many neighbors have reported growing headaches, most in the same area of the brain, and in sequence, same kind of headache happening at about the same time, etc. along with cyclical behavioral issues, and a pronounced increase in paranoia in the area.
i’ve been having the headaches, weight increase, liver and other issues of that nature. the odd thing is that i took so long to make this report because i was having trouble processing the decision. something that is out of character for me. neighbors still report headaches, but i am now feeling like i am surfacing from a fog.

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