Black Triangle Sighting in Tresillian, England on 1996-10-17 18:00:00 – Triangle ufo hover and slow path

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


Im now 38 and thought i should tell someone about my ufo story, its been so many years i’ve always felt a bit strange telling anyone about this event and feel a bit embarrassed {as its not the norm}. back in 1996 {yes it was a long time ago} my memory is still fresh of the event and i will never forgot what we saw. it was the end of summer end of september/ october. the time was around half 6 in the evening, dusk i would say light but sun was going down. a friend and i were playing just outside his house when we were both stopped in our tracks by a weird inner ear hum. you couldn’t really hear the hum but we both felt it and looked at each other with weird looks on our faces. this hum went on for about 30 seconds and then slowly dissipated. all of a sudden something was coming over the top of the tree we were next to. it was so slow coming over the top of the tree with no noise whatsoever we really couldn’t figure out what on earth it could be. a couple minutes passed as it slowly crept over the tree line and we pulled back from the tree up the road a little to have a good look at the object. it slowly hovered over us once again approx 50ft above our heads and about 30 to 50 ft across. it was a complete triangle, dark metallic in colour. it had markings on the underneath {which we couldn’t see clearly as it was dark underneath it.}. on each corner there were lights that would pulse from a pinky blue colour to a beautiful orangey red colour. but i clearly remember thinking to myself that i’ve never seen those colours before which was so strange and confusing. there is nothing on this earth then or now we could associate this craft with any other craft that flies!. i thought at first when we were right underneath, it could be a blimp as it was so slow we were looking straight up and maybe there was a balloon hidden at top. but there would have to be a propeller which there wasn’t! but as the craft led on its path over the road and over the houses we both traveled up the hill to my house to get a look from above and now we could see it was completely flat with nothing on top, no balloon, no nothing at all. no sound, no exhaust, slowly moving at like 1 kilometre an hour. the whole scenario was completely out of this world {excuse the pun}. about 10 to 15 minutes it hovered and led on its path over the river. i’ve never understood what it was, it was so out of the ordinary, maybe some secret military aircraft as we did have military bases in and around cornwall rnas culdrose being one of them. so i recently started some research and found quite a lot of triangular craft sightings in the 1990s. this was the time of no mobiles and no camera phones and such, but would of been so great to get footage of it. come to think of it, we had time to go find a camera and takes pictures but we stood there not knowing what it was going to do and didn’t want to miss a thing at the time, who wouldn’t? i contacted my friend and he remembers it the same as i do. with that i conclude my amazing sighting. billy

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