Black Triangle Sighting in Williams Lake, British Columbia – Large black or cloaked triangle in the sky for over 3 hrs as well as several other “moving lights” in the sky

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


Went out onto my deck and looked up to the stars over my house. one bright one caught my eye so i stared at it for a bit, then all of a sudden it began to move, not quickly but like in a sweeping pattern, it would move forward a bit and then move side to side and move forward again then right, then to my direction again.It was moving very slowly, it moved off to the right, not in a straight pattern but a random pattern, reaching its destination in the sky and pausing. i kept notice of a few stars near it so i could track its slow movement….This is when i noticed two small lights moving with the brighter light making a triangle shape. i watched this thing for over 3 hours slowly moved across the sky, it was heading west direction. i used the roof of my house for a guide and this triangle moved about 14 feet(roof as guide) of my view of the sky. it was very high above me i could not see detail just the 3 lights. as im watching a star/light appears and whips across the sky going north to south and crosses this triangle….It must of went above it because as it passed the triangle it disappeared out of view for a few seconds until it had passed the triangle…The triangle had blocked my few of it for a few seconds. i stared at this thing constantly and seen it look like it was tilting and every now and then i could see a flicker of lightning happen very quickly along the edge of the triangle. as i watched a red light ball was shot out from it from the side and disappeared into thin air. a few minutes later another light comes out of no where coming from the west moving toward the triangle craft, then the triangle craft shot out a white beam from its point in the front where the brightest light was, the light that was coming towards it just disappeared. the triangle was black and blended into the sky and the lights appeared as stars you would of never noticed it at a glance, but i stared at it and tracked it for 3 hrs so i saw all these things slowly happening. as it slowly maneuvered across the sky it did so in very short small bursts and pausing for several minutes in between and some bursts they went farther and some bursts forward were a little quicker. i believe it was huge!!! it was massive!! throughout the night i counted 10 moving objects in the sky as well, 2 went very fast , just looked like a star , but it kind of wiggled its way across the sky instead of travelling in a straight line. one fast moving light as i mentioned got shot at with a beam from the triangle. what a busy night!! scary whats going on up there, wish i knew what it was i was seeing and who they are!!

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