Video: Crop Circles Appearing in Argentinian Wheat Fields

Police have been left baffled by a series of crop circles appearing in Argentinian Wheat Fields. They do not know who (or what) is creating the circles. Quite a few strange patterns have been emerging in the wheat fields of the northern province of Salta this year, with the latest…

UFO named ‘WTF’ is on a collision path with Earth

Is this the end of life as we know it? A UFO apt named ‘WTF’ (What The Fuck) has baffled scientists. They believe it may be a piece of space junk on its way back to haunt us. According to scientists it should collide with Earth in a months time….

UFO Sighting, UFO with Mayan markings spotted

A coin like object with what appear to be ‘mayan’ markings was spotted in the night sky. The pictures show the UFO moving through the sky just before dawn, in them you can see a flashing object with eerie markings. This strange sight was observed by husband and wife Julie…