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aliens exist

If aliens exist we might not be smart enough to find them

Our current scientific methods could be holding us back from contacting life forms who may already be here, writes Rita de Brún Donald Trump doesn’t like aliens much. That was apparent in recent weeks when his administration launched Voice, a hotline to encourage ‘Victims of Immigrant Crime Engagement’ to out…


Photo courtesy: A UFO Digest Book Review By Steve Erdmann (Copyright, 2017, Steve Erdmann – All Rights Reserved) <Edited By Robert D. Morningstar> .******* (Permission to quote for review and educational purposes) “This book examines in-depth claims that they United States in particular, and some other countries, including the…

Video: Early UFO Sightings 1870 – 1939

We wanted to create something a little different for you. We have just been given an immense amount of Early UFO footage. This is the first of many videos we will be releasing with rare and early UFO Photographs.