UFO Hunters Lost In Woods Get Beam Of Light Rescue Outside Of Boston — Video

It was a night that got a bit scary for a trio who set out to capture UFOs on camera in a vast wooded area just outside of Boston, Massachuestts. They got what they were looking for and much more during a chunk of time that left them facing circumstances where they knew they needed help.

New England nights are still chilly in June, but the night skies offer a clear view to the heavens if you get out of the glare of the city lights. You can’t ask for a better view of the night sky than what the Northeast corner of New England has to offer, it’s ready-made for UFO hunting most any time of the year.

According to The Boston Globe, Ramona DiFrancesco, 18, Travis Stoecklin, 21 and Savannah Winship-Cody, 17, went on a UFO hunt unprepared for what they were about to face. To set the scene, this trio set out into the night among the vast isolated acres of the dark woods in the Blue Hills Reservation. They weren’t really dressed for this adventure, in fact, one of these UFO hunters was wearing slippers and between the three of these UFO enthusiasts, neither had a fully-charged cell phone.

They couldn’t see where they were going due to the fact they had no flashlights, but they had a camera ready to capture anything they spotted in the night sky. DiFrancesco had her Nikon camera with her and she is glad she did because despite getting lost and needed help to be rescued, she caught a UFO on camera.

They walked through the woods while keeping an eye on the night sky. When they reached the top of a hill, they were ready to admit to themselves and each other that they had no idea where they were. Not knowing which direction they should travel to get out of these woods, they resigned themselves to the idea that they are going to need help. According to Atlas Obscura, they were lost.

This is when they decided to call for help. Just a little while later a rescue helicopter caught them in their spotlight. They were led out of the woods by the State Police on foot to safety, where the trio talked to news reporters.

Despite the night being a bit of a debacle, they not only saw UFOs but captured pictures of a huge circle or “orb.” They also followed a set of lights forming a triangle. One of the newly rescued UFO hunters, DiFrancesco said, “Well, we saw these two ships that had these like bright spotlights and then we saw this like a weird orb that was like a spotlight, sort of.” The trio made the headlines this week not only for capturing this UFO on camera but also for their adventure getting them lost in the woods outside Boston.

[Featured Image by Ariel Schalit/AP Images]

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