UFO Sighting in Bakersfield, California on 1988-01-01 00:00:00 – Many & varied. 1 witnessed by daughter. 1 happened in front of family but no one saw .. only heard me moan.

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


I have had odd experiences my entire life. my dad may have been involved with a space project. long story but he worked for lockheed as an expert in printed circuts. he told me he did something for the military in n.Mexico about 1953 that they promised would never show up in any official records. all my life i’ve been “haunted” or so i thought. once, i was in the hospital and not expected to live. out of a dead sleep something compelled me to wake up. standing at the foot of my bed was an angle with no face. i knew i belonged to it. i reached out, but it compelled me to sleep. many such stories have happened and always when i’m in danger..Out of nowhere someone grabs me but dissapears quickly. my daughter saw the same 3 girls i had been fighting all night long with. they tortured me & kept trying to get to my daughter. suddenly i got sucked into a roaring tunnel & all i know is hours later i was laying alone on my bedroom floor. i assumed it was a horrible nightmare & i have walked in my sleep all my life so i went to the kitchen and started to tell my daughter about the dream. i mentioned the girls & she pointed to my room and asked..You mean them? i looked & saw nothing so i said describe what you see. except for the clothes, she described the 3 same girls in braids, but they were smiling. blue lights light up the sky here. bakersfield, ca. but i actually saw this fly from west to east over my house. it was close enough i could see that it looked like a flying stingray inside a square tank of water. everytime it flapped it’s wings the box propelled foward. i also saw a grey type of creature once crawling off the foot of my bed..As if it had just returned me & was backing away slowly. i was paralyzed. i tried to move but all i could do was try screaming. it was almost impossible but i finally got control back. i screamed at my ex..”what’s wrong with you?! didn’t you hear me screaming!! he said i was only moaning softly. i’m a christian jew. i’ve done a dna & jesus was my uncle. i’m descended from james the just. there are many prophets in my line. i seem to understand endtime stuff. i also touch things & get flashes of recent events around it. that’s come & go but i do get visions/dreams that come true. so…Am i getting et signals or am i just nuts…Or..& i think this is more true…Et is actually the watchers. they can’t go home, they’ve trashed the other planets, they’re eternal so since they can’t do the fake god routien now that the world met the real god thru abraham…The obvious next plan is to arrive as et & declare they created use & came back to save us. interesting thing is, that’s what biblical prophecy says an evil world have emerge at the “end”.

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