UFO Sighting in Belen, New Mexico on 2019-06-22 22:30:00 – 4 bright white lights

I was in a car heading south on i-25, between the first and second exits of belen, nm. my uncle was driving, my aunt was in the front passenger’s seat, and i was in the rear passenger’s seat. the night was very dark. i was looking out the window facing west. i first saw what looked like a white ball of light disintegrate or explode, followed by a tail or trail. i will describe it as a shooting star in reverse. a few seconds later, i saw 4 large, bright white lights facing east. they had the look of 2 sets of large headlights set closely together, at equal distances. the object never appeared to move. it was facing east towards the freeway and it looked very large and menacing. there was also a dim glow coming from underneath the lights. as i stared at the object, the 2 lights on the left turned toward the other 2 lights; so at this point, 2 lights remained facing east and the other 2 turned to face north. this was for less than a minute. the 2 lights turned back to the east to align with the other 2 lights again. the object never seemed to move, and i lost sight of it as we continued down the freeway.
i tried to snap some photos, which i did, but they do not look like anything other than specks of light. the true description of the object as i saw it with my eyes is accurate as described above. we were travelling at a high rate of speed and i did not use a flash. i am attaching the original photos, plus the same photos after i zoomed in using my photo app.

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