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UFO Sighting in Bradenton, Florida on 2018-09-06 06:00:00 – Two bright orbs with jet chase

At 6am this morning i was at my work cutting grass on a large mower at a golf course. it was still pretty dark. i was stopped having a cigarette break when i see off to my south east, an estimated 5 miles away, a bright white orb of light descend at a medium speed from about 25 degrees above plane view until the tree tops obscured my view. 10 seconds later another bright white orb light descended in exactly the same manner…They descended this 25 degrees in about 3 seconds. about 7 seconds later one of the orbs shot out of the trendline and ascended straight up at a very quick pace. about 40 degrees in 1 second…Then dissapeared completely. the sarasota airport is just off to the north of where i witnessed this…But the speed was way to fast to be a commercial, or for that matter a military jet. no blinking lights at all…Just a steady bright white orb. about 90 seconds later, at about 3000 feet in elevation, a jet, i assume military, comes screaming across the sky at an extremely fast clip, just under the sound barrier….Going directly towards where the two orbs had been seen. jet was going from my north to east..Just north of sarasota airport. it was not in the flight pattern of this area. i lost view of the jet to the horizon. i have lived here for 18 months….I have never seen a military jet in this area ever…Especially one with full afterburner, and speed. never saw anything else. 5 minutes later a co worker passed by me and he explained that he had seen exact same light orbs and jet.

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