UFO Sighting in Bristol , England on 2018-12-07 00:00:00 – It was just like the old ufo films were a ufo shows up and a beam of light takes you up to the craft

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


My sister in-laws was outside having a cigarette i came out of my room put on my shos then stood just inside the door to roll a cigarette we both hear a bang sound and i whent out to see wat it was it was plastic bag i believe blowing in the wind then a loude trian whent past on tge trian line just outside of the property it was at that point where i looked at were the trian sound was coming frome and i could see this dim purple light as if someone had a torch waveing it all over the place behind the trees i sed wat the hell is that to my sister in lar and she sed it was the lights from tge trian put in mind i am always outside day and night and any nose and lights i see i no wat should be there and wat it looks and sounds like i sed to her na thats not the trian lights and at that point things took a tern were i was looking a very intense beam about 1 van long apeard very fast it struck me by suppiszthe it was a striat beam going up to the sky must of been there for about 30 seconds it was altra violet purple thick mas of light so bright it was at that piont a started to panic and point out that that is no light from a trian i sed wat the fuck is that many time also sed to her can you see this at the oiont she replies yes but tge hole time this was happening i could not look behind me i was focused on the light beam in frount of me then it got brighter and brighter till poof it was gone i ternd around and my sister in law was stood in the door way inside the house smoking i was about 6 foot outside i have never seen anything like this before i mean iv watched ufo videos and so on but nothing like this it was a this piont i thalt to myself in a split second ufo then it was at this point were im now faceing my house in the opposite direction of were the beam of light was looked up at the sky and i seen 2 big balls of purple light as if it was pulse eating then tge penny dropped i shouted to her that was no trian light look at the sky she looked up could not see anything cuz she was in the door way and the lights in the sky thay were so big i took up half of the sky and i believe it was only haf of it that i sore i then was saying to her quick look at the sky cum out look at this then she sor it to all of this happening si fast i then new that if she can see this too then it must be real i then shit myself and ran inside as she was just stood there looking at the sky i must of ran in and out 3 time just to put my self at ease to say this is happening right now then it was gone also about 45mins after this happened i have got the worst headache in the world and i can take pain so thats it thats wat i seen hope i gave you anuff details i feal all creapy now as if something is watching me or out there dont no if it just me thinking the worst but this did just happen i dont no wat could do this apart from its a ufomaube its picking something or someone up or doing something else ether way im so shook up i cant even go out side for a fag i tryed going for one and it freaked me out thanks for you time bye i realy wished i had a piccor vidio but it all happened do fast and do mutch shock and intrest of wat it was or wat it could be i didt even think about getting my phone out

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