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UFO Sighting in Cannonville, Utah on 2018-07-04 00:00:00 – Circle of light with random blinking lights near bryce canyon

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


My family and i were rv camping in kodachrome basin state park. it is 20 miles from the nearest town, in the middle of southern utah near bryce canyon. the campground is nestled in a small canyon. my wife was doing yoga outside while i was in the rv doing the dishes. it was still light out, but the sun was dipping behind he surrounding high cliffs. my wife called me out to look at the object she saw in the sky. it was a very bright white, like the light from a flashlight. the sky was bright blue with a few clouds. with the naked eye, it was abut the size of a pencil eraser if you held it at arm’s length. i appeared to be a solid white light moving very slowly across the sky. so slowly, that at times, it was hard to tell if it was moving.
at one point, the bright white object turned a bright orange. i assumed it was reflecting the light from the setting sun that was just on the other side of the cliffs. it stayed orange for a few minutes, then back to white.
we watched for 15 minutes or so, before i realized i should get my binoculars. the view through the binoculars was very interesting, and unlike anything have seen. it was a circle of light – a ring. i could see the sky through the center of the ring. around the inside edge of the light ring, there were approximately 5 blinking white lights. there was also a blinking white light in the center of the circle that appeared to be unsupported. i thought it could be a very big military drone because of the shape, but the lights blinked in such a random manner that i decided it wasn’t. the lights blinked/flashed in a completely random fashion. if the outside lights were numbered 1-5 and the center light was numbered 6, the lights flashed in the following manner: 1,2,5,4,4,6,4,3,3,2,1,4,6,3,2,2,1,3,2,6,5,6,4, etc.
as dusk approached, the light was still the brightest object in the sky. it was slowly rising upwards, and getting smaller. i finally remembered i should be taking photos/video. i only had my cell phone and a full-frame digital camera with a 50mm lens, so all the captures are not very close-up.
the object kept rising higher and higher. you could see it blinking with the naked eye as the sky grew dark, but it just appeared as a single blinking light since it was so far away. it continued to rise ever so slowly until it became so small and blended in with the stars in the night sky.
in one of the attached images (zoom1), if you zoom in, it looks like the object is slightly oblong with a bank of lights on the underside. this isn’t how it appeared through my binoculars, so i don’t know if it looks that way because the photo caught something i couldn’t see, or…..

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