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UFO Sighting in Cape Town, Western Cape on 2017-09-30 00:00:00 – I cant explain this in 25 words sorry

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


A group of us were standing discussing horses riding etc. i noticed from the west north west and object drifting towards us from over a residential area. we all wondered what it could be, one of the group commented that it could be a kite surfers kite that had snapped and got lifted, but there wasn’t any noticeable wind to speak of. also when something is lifted by convection it doesn’t remain in a fixed position relative to the up draft, it moves constantly. the afternoon wasn’t warm enough either probably 23 degrees, there was also altostratus cloud present most of the day. as the object neared us , some commented it could be a big drone, but as it neared it was an upside down u shape and it passed so close you would have heard the propulsion of a drone for sure. the object made no sound in fact riders in the sand arena which it flew over were oblivious to its presence and horses being flight animals would have most definitely reacted, but they didn’t. the object then changed course and continued in an easterly direction but was loosing altitude slowly and headed for the forest of trees, it looked as if it was going to land in front of the trees. i couldn’t tell if it actually touched down as the base of the trees were obscured by a sand mound and some shrub. i immediately ran towards the sight where i thought it might land, thinking i would retrieve whatever it was and solve the mystery. as i ran up the mound in the general direction, the object couldn’t have been a meter off the ground when it slowly rose up directly in front of a tall eucalyptus tree. if this object had been driven by wind of which there was none or by a convection current it would have either been blown into the tree or the force of a current to lift it straight up to that level would have most definitely ruffled some leaves at least. i paid particular attention to this fact (being a pilot and a glider pilot). i tried very hard to discern what the object was, looking for any tell tale signs but when you looked at it, it almost seemed to be superimposed like a really poor movie of someone trying to fake a ufo sighting. i continued to watch the object gain altitude still heading in an easterly direction, straight through the cape town international tma and approach. if there hadn’t been traffic i might even have considered following it. the sighting has bothered me for some time and the only reason i post this here now, is that i have seen that someone posted a similar report in 2016. at no stage did i even consider photographing the object with my phone as i really thought i would be picking up some sort of drone, kite or something in the forest.

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