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UFO Sighting in Culver City, California on 2018-06-12 17:05:00 – Bright, pulsatine, hovering starlike object during daylight in culver city, ca seen by multiple poeple leaving work

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


This occurred in the fox hills neighborhood of culver city, ca, on the west side of los angeles, near the fox hills mall on sepulveda blvd, near the 405 freeway and the 90 freeway interchange. two of my coworkers and i were smoking cigarettes in the parking lot outside our office building after work at about 5:00pm pacific time. i caught a small yet bright flash of light from the corner of my eye. i looked up and about 50 to 75 degrees above the horizon above some eucalyptus trees — facing north-east — there was a small, star like object in the sky. the sky was very clear and bright, being it was still over 3 hours before sunset. (unknown to me at the time, there was a fire in the hills above beverly hills about 6 or 7 miles directly north of culver city, but the smoke was not in our area and the sky was amazingly clear! as of this writing, the fire is still burning, and although it is not far away the sky is mostly clear here in culver city.)

immediately when i saw it i told my coworkers, “look! a ufo!” they both looked up. one of my coworkers immediately saw it. my other coworker eventually saw it after about 20 seconds while we tried to point it out to her, using landmarks. we all looked up at it. it was hovering, completely still, and seemed to pulsate and glow; going dim to the point of being invisible, then become bright again, almost as if a mirror reflecting the sun. however, to me, it seemed like it was emitting its own light. it looked like a very bright star, and at one point seemed to change shape. at this time i took some pictures with my iphone 6s, and a short video as well. a few more of our coworkers came out of the building into the parking lot and asked what we were looking at. we all pointed up saying, “ufo!” after using the land marks to point it out they also saw it too. there were about five or six of us all at one time watching the object as it pulsated. it was perplexing! most of my coworkers eventually left, but one coworker and i stayed and watched it for another twenty minutes or so. during that twenty minutes, another one of our coworkers, a supervisor, eventually came out. after pointing it out he eventually saw it too before leaving as well. i stayed and watched it for the duration of the event. i took another, longer, video and then some more photos. after about twenty or thirty minutes total the object seemed to disappear until it was no longer visible. my coworker and i chatted about it afterwords for a few minutes before finally each of us went home. he told me, “you saw it. we aren’t crazy! that should be on the news!” i live close to the office, and when i got home about 30 minutes later there was nothing on the channel 7 news about it at all. (like i mentioned before, a fire had started that afternoon in the hills above beverly hills and that is pretty big news here in southern california.)

when i got home i checked out the photos and videos. one of the most fascinating things i found was on the long video (the second video i uploaded here). at about 5:13 in the video it seems like there is a few other objects flying around the original object, and then it almost seems like it ejects something. i will say that after looking closely at the video one of those objects might just have been a bird. during the whole time i was filming i was focusing on keeping my hand steady and trying to look at it with my naked eyes, and at that time didn’t notice anything flying around it. another thing: when trying to film the object i sometimes couldn’t make it out on the screen, but when playing back the video on my computer you could clearly still see it. i was using the tops of the eucalyptus trees as a frame of reference, and becasue it was difficult to see the object while looking at the screen i thought it might have moved, but after looking at the video it did seem to stay in the same place; i must have just moved and thought it did.

also, i have seen this same object on multiple occasions in and around the same part of town. i have left other reports here on mufon.Com, but i haven’t had corroborating witnesses until now. the photos and videos are uploaded in chronological order. i still have no idea what these objects are, even though they seem to come around monthly.

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