UFO Sighting in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia on 2014-01-01 00:00:00 – Sighting 3 bright lights new years eve 2013 with camera

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


Recorder: i received a sony cyber-shot 35mm camera for xmas 2013. 16.1 mega pixels; steady shot dsc-w710.

when: on new year’s eve 2013 i was spending time with my little dog and i had just finished cooking and eating a bacon wrapped filet along with bacon wrapped scallops; a caesar salad; and cheese cake for desert. i went into the living room and started to watch the count-down to midnight on the tv. my patio door is off the living room and goes onto the back deck and overlooks the halifax harbour, canadian naval base.
it was a beautiful clear night and i decided to try out my new sony cyber-shot camera. i checked the new batteries; put the setting on nighttime and automatic.
i went outside on the deck and focused on the stars as it was so clear, and calm, and was looking for the north star when i saw 3 lights.
at first i thought they were airplanes, but one seemed to be bigger and closer than the other two. i began to take pictures as they came closer. there is s telephone pole at the edge of my neighbour’s property which was in the direction that the lights were heading. there were no blue or red lights that are on a plane. they were getting bigger, and seemed to be getting closer very quickly. then all of a sudden they completely stopped, and stayed that way for about a minute. there was no noise at all like a plane makes. then as quick as they had stopped they moved directly over the left of my deck and disappeared.
i immediately went back into the house and took my card out of my camera and put it into my computer so i could see what my pictures looked like. i couldn’t understand what was on the camera as it was not what i was seeing when i took the pictures.
i thought maybe the camera wasn’t working properly, so i put my card back inside the camera and kept the same settings, and went back outside on the deck to take more pictures. i took pictures of the old macdonald bridge which is right next to the canadian navy base. i also took other pictures of neighbours’ houses, telephone pole, my little dog, and pictures inside the house. i then took out the card and put into my computer so i could look at them on a bigger screen. they all came out perfect, so there didn’t seem to be much wrong with my camera and i am still using it today (5 years later).

conclusion: i have no background or experience in ufo’s, but i have ruled out faulty camera; weather; airplanes; light show; military experiment, or hoax and am at a loss at coming to any conclusion as to what it was.

in early 2014 i sent the pictures to a website somewhere in california. they emailed me back saying they received my pictures, and said they were very interesting and would get back to me. i never heard from them since.
i kept the pictures on my computer and am sending them to you to see if you are interested or what you think and if you might be able to tell me what they are? (i cropped the pictures i am sending you, so they would not be rejected because they are too large). however i also kept the originals.

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