UFO Sighting in Fallston, Maryland on 1981-02-06 21:30:00 – Feb 1981 coming home from taking my father to doctor. saw brilliant white lighted object and followed til it stopped.

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


In the late 70’s and early 80’s i belonged to the unitarian universalist church of harford county (vp)in the state of maryland. this part of the state contains aberdeen proving grounds and many of the physicists, mathematicians and engineers who worked there attended this church. after service coffee talk was always interesting and i quickly learned how some scientist erected walls against controversial fields of investigation because of the perceived and real risk of damaging their standing and jobs.
having set the stage i would now like to tell you of my experience on a tuesday evening in february of 1981 that i think you will find of interest as applies to the rendlesham incident. sorry i cannot think of the exact date after so much time. i have filed a report of this incident with mr. nick pope a few months ago.
on that evening i had just dropped off my father at his home after taking him to a physical therapist. he lived in baltimore and i in the northern county of harford. around 9:15 p.M. i turned off the main 695 highway onto cromwell bridge road traveling in a northeast direction. i followed this road until it ended at glen arm road and turn left in a more northerly direction. this is a rural area that provided a short cut to my home in bel air maryland. glen arm runs through a wooded valley and as i approached a wider valley that was cleared for agriculture my attention was grabbed by a brilliant white light shimmering off to my right. this light was whiter and brighter than any object i had ever seen. it looked as though a star had been plucked from the sky. this object appeared to be slowly following the ridge line on the opposite side of the valley. the top of this ridge carried harford road where i would turn left and follow into bel air maryland. i realized i would enter the hilly wooded area to the top of the ridge and could loose sight of the object so i picked up speed. at the top i turned left on harford road and very briefly saw a twinkle of this white object before loosing it to the winding road and overhanging trees. the night was cold and very clear. my heart sank as i could not spot the object. after a mile or so i approached mountain road. about a 300 ft. from the intersection and on the right side of the road there was a narrow line of trees that marked property lines and the location of a hog farm. the trees were totally leafless and i noticed multicolored lights on the opposite side of the trees and hovering at the top but not above them. they were red, green and blue and flashing. i had no idea what it was except possibly the high voltage tower on the other side of the tree line in a plowed corn field. when i got to the other side and next to the empty plowed field i looked to my right and hovering above the high voltage tower (small towers) were a series of flashing multi colored lights in what looked like diamond pattern. horizontally it was as long as a small car but i could not see any shape. apprehensively i exited my car and started walking through this dry plowed field. i kept looking up and down as footing was dicey. the object made no sound. i got to about 150 feet from the object and stopped to take a close look. my head was racing trying to figure out what i was seeing. it made no sense. it was clearly hovering above the tower. the towers themselves have no lights, i discovered, as they are not tall enough to require them. it appeared to look like an elongated diamond shape according to the light which seemed to denote junctions of the form. it was wider than it was tall and about the width of a small car and perhaps 4-5 feet high. every possibility was racing through my mind and was leaving my mind making my comfort zone shrink more and more. it was not a helicopter as there was no wind or noise and it took me a while, moving around, to get an angle at which i could see what was between the lights via star light reflections. the surface of the object was black and looked like polished obsidian or glass and it looked like, in part, a faceted stone as i could not make out the exact form on the bottom due to the lack of star light. it was that black. i could hear a low humming sound but thought it might be the tower. finally my fear had surpassed my curiosity and, i’m sad to say, i awkwardly ran back to my car and sped home.
arriving home i was excited to say the least and told the story to my wife after which i called the local newspaper to see if they have had any reports of strange objects. by this time it was about 10 pm and there was one person on the desk. i asked him if he had any such reports and he replied “funny you ask that because i just got off the phone with some people in edgewood who said they saw a bright white light hovering over a high voltage line and all the lights in the area went out”.
the next day i contacted the head of mufon who was also the areas helicopter traffic reporter’. he asked me if i had lost time and we talked for a while about it and other sightings in the area over the years but he never came out to interview me.
i drew a line drawing of the object and shared my experience and drawing with a physicist friend of mine, rick saucea, who was one of the few upon which i could confide without being poo pooed. we were both excited about this sighting and went to a mufon meeting which, for the both of us, was not a serious event and mainly inhabited by very imaginative confused people. i make no inference to other groups but only my own experience there. some years went by and i got a call from rick who wanted me to see something. he brought me a video of a show on the sci fi channel hosted by one of the cast of star trek. sorry i forget the name of both the show and the host. it consisted of interviews and recreations of the events at rendlesham air base. i was staggered as too how much their sighting mirrored my own.The film effect of the craft was about exactly what i saw. he said the air around the craft was electric and it looked like polished stone, i believe, and the mock up on this show was close to perfect in size and form. i felt all the doubt i had of my sanity disappear, as such an event shakes you a bit.
you see mr. pope, if you follow mountain road you come to edgewood where the bright light over power lines were seen and if you go just north of edgewood you come to aberdeen military research and development facility. all the pieces had fallen into place. my feeling about the object is it was not “manned” but was a drone of some kind and without a doubt used tech well beyond anything i have seen or think possible by our species. a scientific leap but the most rational to me.
i’m getting old and have seen now many mock ups of the event and i thought i would come out about this and perhaps add another piece to this and maybe let those guys know there was another sighting across the pond.
i have enjoyed your professional approach to this area of investigation and concluded you should be the one with whom i would share this story. my hope is you will not think this ravings but rather the honest description of a life changing event relevant to redlesham, without a doubt.

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