UFO Sighting in Florida on 2016-07-20 02:00:00 – Merkaba and shadow being observed and contact made on the beach at night.

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


I was walking on south beach around two in the morning with my best friend. i’ve seen many ufo’s in my life, so i knew straight away what i was witnessing. the ufo began as a blinking light quickly changing direction and zipping around in a far distance over the ocean. i pointed it out to my friend, but she thought it was a plane. i then pointed out a plane and asked her to look at the ufo again and she then agreed with me. shortly after it was brought to her attention, the craft hovered in a straight line from over the ocean right toward us. when it got closer, it was unlike anything ive ever seen in my life. it looked like a transparent star of david with blinking lights similar to a plane. i remember the lights being blue, green, and red. it was kind of like an outline. we were both completely mesmerized and were staring up while walking. we were coming toward the exit back onto the boardwalk from the sand, and suddenly i had a violent feeling of fear hit me in the stomach and tell me to look ahead. at this point, my friend was still staring up at the craft. i saw a being without face, simply a black shadow in the shape of a very tall man sitting on the short wooden railing on the side of the walkway. i tugged and tugged on my friend and finally she looked and was just as overcome with fear and said “hey”, and the entity responded the same way but in a mans voice. i held her hand tightly, closed my eyes, and walked past it as fast as i possibly could. i have never been more afraid in my life. im typically very open to the unknown and ufology, but never have i experienced anything like this. whatever that shadow being was, i dont think it was peaceful, but i could have also just been overcome with fear. the following day i went to a party with my friend’s brother, who i typically dont see. we just so happened to get stuck in traffic for close to two and a half hours. i shared my experience with him and told him everything that i saw. he knew right away that i had seen a “merkaba”. i had not ever heard of such a thing, but when i looked it up i realized he was right. it is almost as though i was meant to find out exactly what i saw.
this happened several years ago, and i decided to discuss it now because of a recent event. i visited a ufo bar in wisconsin by chance, and discussed this event with the owner of the bar. he told me to turn to page two of his photo album of ufo’s and asked me if that is what i saw. it was. i was completely amazed.

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