UFO Sighting in Fort Walton Beach, Florida on 1970-07-01 00:00:00 – Incident at eglin

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


In the summer of 1970 i was a member of the usaf, attached to the 3201st air base group, eglin afb, florida.

at this time i was working as a computer operator on the grave yard shift in building 100. one other airman and myself were the only ones in the building at that time of night.

there was a standing order that base operations notify us if there were any thunder storms within 10 miles of the base. this was so we could cease operations and shut down the computer in case a storm knocked out the power.

in the early morning hours we received a call that there were thunder storms to the east of the base and they were now 10 miles away. we then proceeded to shut down the computer. with the computer shut down there was nothing for us to do, so we just sat there waiting for the all clear. after a short while the power in the building did go out and the emergency lights came on. we continued to wait a little longer and when nothing happened we decided to go out side and have a look. we took a look out the front door (building 100 had no windows) and saw that it was not raining, so we went to the back of the building and opened the large door which looked out on to the flight line. we then grabbed a couple of desk chairs and pulled them just outside the door, sat down and enjoyed the break from our work.

we were sitting in the dark and the base was quite with no activity on the flight line. we were facing east with the runway running north to south in front of us. there were clouds and occasional lightning flashes in the distance to the east, but around us the sky was clear. after a short while one of us noticed a white light near the north end of the runway. it was brighter than a star and was slowly pulsing but not moving. we both thought it must be an airplane doing a last check before taking off. (typically planes took off toward the south over the gulf of mexico). after a short time the light slowly rose upward a few degrees and from where we were it looked like it was about 50 feet above the ground. now we thought it must be a chopper. then, all of a sudden, it shot straight up at an astounding speed. in a few moments it was directly above us, then it seemed to stop and began getting smaller and smaller until it vanished. from the moment it shot up until it vanished was no more than 10 seconds. it made no sound at all.

the next day i reported the incident to my commanding officer and to, what i seem to remember, was called the “office of foreign technology”. no one seemed interested.


my purpose of submitting this narrative is that i would like there to be a record of the incident. i have no other reason.

i regret that i did not think to make a written record of the sighting at the time. however, i remember it quite well and have attempted to relate it as it happened as accurately as possible and without embellishment.

eglin afb and hurlburt field were at that time engaged in research and testing of experimental aircraft for the air force. i have no doubt that all or most of the sightings of ufos in the area of gulf breeze are the result of these tests. what we saw that night was not a test by the af. even today i know of nothing that can move like that.

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