UFO Sighting in Fort Worth, Texas on 1970-07-12 22:22:00 – Two lighted orbs

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


Around my birthday july 12th 1970 my father and i were in our side yard laying on a bench talking about work he did for general dynamics fort worth division. he was a health physics monitor on the 3mw research reactor with top secret clearance. my father is now deceased. as we talked we started up at the night sky witch that night was very clear. my dad was showing me how to spot orbiting satellites and how they come back around on the same orbit at regular intervals. as i watched i noticed two apparent satellites traveling from the north in a southwesterly direction. they were side by side as if racing. approximately straight up from our position one of the two objects stopped abruptly. the other continued at its original speed which was about the same speed as the satellites had been traveling. the second object then stopped then returned back to the other stopped orb. that sat side by side approximately 5 mins, then both objects speed off at an increasing speed into the darkness of space until i could no longer see them, approximately 1 second. i ask my father what we had just seen asking him if it could be helicopters, his answer was i don’t know what we saw but it was to high to be an earthly aircraft. he said it’s some form of ufo. i later became a fort worth police office and spent many nights laying on the trunk of my police car looking for a ufo during the dull parts of my shift but never saw a repeat of that night. i still don’t know what i saw. i was a crime seen investigator for 4 of my 27 years and still have no clue what i saw. my father said that thee were no known aircraft in 1970 that could travel that high and come to a complete stop, orbit then disappear in a straight line. i listed the size as under 1 foot because at that distance it was small and i had no relevant data to compare to. end of report.

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