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UFO Sighting in Gorham, Ontario on 2016-11-18 00:00:00 – Intensely brights blueish/white light shining into home. later recalled abduction

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


The winds were over 80 km/hr. visibility was zero due to snow and sleet, during wind gusts.
we live out in the country side, about 10 minutes outside of town. earlier in the day at around 3 pm we went to town to pick up our kids from school. the weather was horrible already, but we had to go into town to grab the kids.
carefully we drove and navigated the ice covered streets, picked up the kids, stopped for an early dinner and decided to hit up a walmart to grab a few things before heading back home.
its about 7pm at this time. the weather seemed much worse. the roads in the city were slippery but still navigable.
as soon as we got onto the country road, it was apparent that this storm was hitting us in full force.
it was hazardous to be outside in this storm, so i drove slow with my hazards on. at times we had to stop dead in road due to total white outs.
about 1 km up the road we notice that no houses had any lights on.
we went around a corner and in the middle of the road is tree bits everywhere and to the immediate right is a tree on the power lines.
all the power in our area was out.

it took about 30 minutes for the usual 10 minute drive home. sure enough no lights on in the house.
i pointed the car towards the house and instructed the family to each grab a bag and bring it in.
at the time we were using the back door sliding door due to reno’s in the front.

so the wife and 3 kids made their way to the back of the house with the aid of my high-beams in the drive way.
once they were in, my wife flashed the cell phone through the bay window in the front, signaling they are in. i turned off the car and made my way to the house. tree branches were breaking due to the high winds.
i pressed the remote car lock on and off so the car lights would flash, providing some illumination while i made my way through the snow drifts and into the house.
once inside, it was apparent the hydro had been out for awhile. it was about 15 degrees celsius in the house.
thankfully we have a wood stove also.

we had the kids sit on the couch with a flash light. the wife lit a few candles in the living room and grabbed the dog to bring him outside for a pee, and i grabbed the wood bucket to go to the shed to bring wood in to get a fire started in the wood stove.

i used the cell phone as a flash light to find my way to the wood shed, the wife stood in the middle of the back yard with the dog while he did his thing.

as im in the shed grabbing fire wood and filling the bucket i faintly hear my wife scream over the howling wind ” wtf ”
at first i thought she was yelling because she fell over or something, then she screamed my name. clearly in distress.
i came out of the shed and she started screaming “did you see that, did you see that!?”

i had no idea what she was talking about, i started making my way over to her. the snow and wind blew so hard that i lost visibility of her for a brief moment and i dropped the cell phone in the snow. i took the 10 steps to get to her and she was screaming “the sky above the house just lit up blue. something blue is above the house, the ground, everything turned blue then white.”
i looked to the back window of the house because i could hear banging and the kids were screaming.
we ran into the house.

the kids were crying and screaming “what was that, what happened” they were crying and very scared.
they said something was outside our window, and everything in the house turned blue.

i was dumbfounded, i didnt know what to think because i didnt see anything.
my wife and kids were were both crying.
then the only way i can explain it, it was like a light came through the window and instantly flashed from blue, red and green than nothing.
it was like all 3 colours in one.

i was more confused than anything and said out loud what just happened.

my 12, 9 and 8 year old were all crying, screaming “we want to go” my wife was pacing around and i just stood there, almost in disbelief, with a pail of wood. but despite everything i felt calm.

i started asking my wife “what did the blue light look like, describe it. could it have been someone with a flare, or a roman candle, ect.”
i was just naming things trying to calm my kids down.
i knew what it was.

the weather was so bad outside, that no helicopter would decide to go flying around, or no person would be outside shooting fireworks.

my wife yelled to me, ” i dont know what it was, but the first thing i thought was a ufo or that it was the end of the world.”

i tried calming everyone down and said it must have been lightening, or something caused by the storm. ( i personally have never seen lightening in a snow storm. but know its possible.
i have seen a lot of snow storms living in northern canada.

i asked my 12 year old, what exactly did you see?

she was crying and holding on to me saying “a bright blue light was at the window, then inside the house, everything turned blue then white.
the candle flames got really big and then both cats ran out of the living room.
just as she finished saying that, the room went bright from another window on the opposite side of the house.
we all turned immediately towards that window, but the light was gone.

again every one started panicking. i tried to calm them all and said to sit on the couch and ill get a fire going quick.

my wife stood in front of the big bay window, watching to see if it happened again.

i think about 10 minutes went by.
the fire was going, then my wife said, there it is again, out over the trees.
i stood up and got to the window to take a look.
i couldnt see a thing at first because the wind picked up causing everything to go dark outside.
she said she knew it was over the trees because the flash lit up the sky and the tree line.
all i could see was total darkness.

i dont know how long we stood there watching, but suddenly i snapped out of it and looked around.
my living room was filled with smoke.
i panicked and yelled for everyone to get to the back of the house.
the wife and kids went to the back door. i opened the wood stove door and messed around with the fire and told the wife to crack the back door to let the smoke out.
i remember distinctly feeling like this was all just a dream.
nothing felt quite real.

i had everything under control.
after about 5 minutes with the door open the smoke was cleared.

we all sat on the couch, trying to get warm.
the laptop had battery life in it so i put on a movie to watch while we waited for the hydro to come back on.
after calling the hydro company they told us that due to the storm, that it probably wouldn’t be restored till 6pm tomorrow.

at the time, it didnt clue into my mind to try to film what was happening.
all i was concerned with was protecting my family and keeping them safe.

being a life long experiencer, i knew what was happening.

about 6 months later i woke up in the middle of the night and remembered most of what happened.

i would like to keep that between the investigator and myself.

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