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UFO Sighting in Hailey, Idaho on 2018-09-13 08:15:00 – Sighted object,observed for 30 seconds.

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


I pulled into the shell station at the corner of south 3d and main in hailey,idaho approximately 8:30 a.M. om 9/13/18.
i observed a solid,structured craft to the south at an altitude of what i estimated to be 300 ft. above ground level and 100 yards to the south of my position.
it was not a conventional fixed or rotary wing aircraft. it was not a balloon or a conventional drone. it seemed in an odd location since it was in the proximity of the north end of the runway at the hailey airport.
i observed this object for approximately 30 seconds until i moved around the car to get a better look.I took my eyes off the object for about 10-15 seconds. when i looked again, the object had completely disappeared from sight.
at the time,visibility was greater than 2 miles with low clouds down to around 2000 ft. my field of vision was clear from horizon to horizon.
there were no sounds or emissions.
the object appeared to be a tapered rectangle and i estimated the size to be around 6’x 6’x 3′ (estimated). surface color was dark, possibly grey/black. there appeared to be external apparatus on the surface closest to me. i couldn’t determine which side was the ‘front’.

i first observed it when i was pulling into the gas station, looking out for traffic.
my first impression was that it could have been a balloon or drone,but rejected those possibilities after a few seconds of observation.
what really struck me as odd was how quickly and completely it had disappeared.
i didn’t really have any feelings about it other than trying to identify it.
curiously, when i left the station and went about my business, i didn’t have any thoughts or think about the incident until later that evening.
i did make a rudimentary sketch of the object the following day.

note; i am a former u.S. army air defense artillery officer and have had extensive training in visual aircraft recognition.
i also am very aware of the fact that there are many unusual things in the sky,especially in this region,that are not extraterrestrial.


joe betti

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