UFO Sighting in Houlton, Maine on 2018-10-30 13:00:00 – I’m being watched. i have over 20 video documentation. please help me

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


hello their.
my for 4 months i have been experiencing aliens. started out with just thinking i seen a aliens. 4 months later. i am infested.. for the last 4 years it seemed as though at night lights shined in my windows. 4 months ago i believed my house was haunted. i started making videos trying to record the strange lights and record the shadows that were constantly in motion. in these recordings i started to notice things were not right. and what i see is not of this reality… they souround house. i believe they r transparent. they manipulate your soundings. i can see the perfectly thru my table. i have 32 gb of documentation. i see different types. one is blue. and like a worm w sunglasses, i also have the grays and the reptilians. i have documented everything. i know i sound crazy….. i’m infested. i have up to 3 orbs like lights that follow me. one of those is blue. and that one gets to close… i have their spaceships on video that is just a arms reach away.. they don’t hide when i have company. it’s clear they are watching me .. they are everywhere in side my house to. it’s hard to explain but they have helped my figure out i’m a remote viewer.. if i’m listening to a song on you tube. the next is a documentary about viewing. i have now done a lot of research my last 4 months have been tragic. no one believes me. and i can’t live like this.. their is more. but i won’t write it all.. please contact me asap.

my whole life i’ve been different. i delt with paranormal. from childhood. i am a adict. suffer server adhd. depression. i am rh- i have sleep paralysis also. the sleep paralysis is horrable… i now know that the vibrations r real now. i have always delt with light. right now on a very intense night my sight is like patchwork. always dealing with different tones. or glows different… i see shimmer to the point i can c them walk all over my house. help me… i’ve had some nights where it was to hard… i watched my world melt. i’ve been ignored. and that has hurt my mental state.. the noise is loud. or a pot and pan will fall. the energy is crazy, it scares me. and it’s very clear they are aliens. i’ve always felt with energy. i believe i’m sensitive. i have demonic issues. the corner of my eye issue. i’m sorry this is not written very professional. but it’s 230 am. and the last 4 months have just broken me. i’m going to also tell u. and this does sound crazy but everything i look at starts moving just swaying i have a relative that has seen everything including the movement that happens . please respond. i need help. ide like to learn to manipulate this situation. i’m different my mind thinks diff. i think of angles. or every action has a reaction. that kind of thing. i look forward to hearing from u soon. the videos i have states i’m something to them. to feel like your going crazy is the worst to have to go thru.

please know this letter does not come close to what’s going on here.

i have so many videos.

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