UFO Sighting in Hugo, Minnesota on 2010-08-14 03:10:00 – Totally telpathic

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


I cannot properly validate because it happened in the middle of the night & only to me. my dog woke me up & insisted on going outside. when i got out, she was looking and barking in one direction. i had to move around the corner of house to see. i was so shocked. rising up from what i could not see (behind houses) was a giant golden orb, bigger than the houses. it was the color of a gigantic “harvest moon”. it slowly rose up & as i looked up i saw a whole big line of them that gradually & evenly went off into the distance. they were very slow moving and evenly spaced. i watched for several minutes. as one (the biggest & closest to the ground level) rose to join the “string” of the rest, a new one would come up. i stood watching for a long time. it was absolutely silent, no wind, no vibration. the orbs or balls of light pulsed. it was then that i got the realization that these were not solid mechanical objects, or “ships”. they were spirit beings, and they were evil. i am a christian and i mentally, i told them i knew what they were & that in the name of jesus, i bound them & told them they had no rights here. i basically chewed them out. then i went back inside & back to bed refusing to let them have any control over me. they were still in the sky but i blocked them out. i did not file a 2nd report here, but this happened a few days after i watched a real, tangable craft sitting in the sky over the field these orbs seemed heading toward. that day, i was walking my dogs in that field when i looked up. i always look up at planes, etc. this was silver. it reflected sunlight. shaped like a tube. at first i thought it was a plane. but it did not move. it had no wings. it was not in a normal flight path for that area. i watched it for about 15-20 minutes. it never moved. i was walking so i was moving, but it just hung there. i just thought “well, i guess i just saw a ufo”. i was not afraid. then a couple of days later, the orbs appeared. it has been several years & i tried to put it out of my mind. i knew no one would believe me. but now that more is coming out, i felt i should at least report what i saw in case it validates someone else. the bottom line is. i believe there are various kinds/species. i believe some are from other dimentions, some time travellors & not all from space. i believe they are primarily ai, robotic. they are telepathic & use mind control. they are not benevolent. they are incidious & they intend eventually to control earth. they are evil and want us to believe they are gods so we will worship them and willingly become their slaves. they want to interbreed so they can inhabit our planet. my only purpose is to warn. they do not mean us well. i have no proof so i do not expect to be believed. i just wish i could draw what i saw so it could be added to your evidence. the only way we can fight or defeat them, should it come to that is mentally & spiritually.

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