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UFO Sighting in Jackson, Michigan on 2018-06-13 23:50:00 – Satellite-like light moving in circles in west sky of central michigan

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


I was driving west along i-94 near jackson, michigan at approximately 11:50 pm the night of june 13. it was a clear night and i was looking at a triangle of stars, only two of which were actual stars. i later identified them as denebola and cor caroli. there were very few other cars on the road and the stars were directly in my field of view as i watched the road, so i was safe to enjoy the clear night and try to think of what constellation it was part of.

i eventually noticed the triangle changing shape and realized one of them was not a star at all. it was in the approximate position of where zosma would be in that area of the sky.

at first i thought it was just a plane, but i saw it was a type of off-white light and steady slow motion that characterized a satellite. i saw small, faint flashing white lights on the side and thought it might be the iss. i have confirmed via the official lookup sites that there were no iss flyovers in the area for that night.

i realized it was something strange when i saw it start to turn and take a circular path around the star denebola. it was not a perfectly circular path, rather, it had been staying fixed for several minutes while i watched, then moved to the right (north) in a linear path before turning downward and beginning to trace a curved path through the sky. it did not move at the speed of an airplane nor did it show the characteristic headlight motion of an airplane circling in a holding pattern.

i did not feel any unusual or unnatural emotions or sensations while observing it, mostly disbelief that i had actually seen something that could be described as a ufo. i did not pull off to the side of the road to continue watching it, and while in retrospect i very much wish i had and wonder why i decided not to, ultimately i think that can be attributed to my anxious personality and not wanting to put myself at risk of an accident by pulling off, especially on such a dark night.

after only a minute or two of observing this motion, i had to turn off i-94 onto us-127, changing my view 90 degrees to the north instead of the west. although i tried to keep glancing at it, it became too dangerous for me to crane my head to watch it while driving, and trees were beginning to get in the way, so i simply stopped trying to look at it. i did not observe any stop to the motion between my last glances and turning away from it entirely.

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