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UFO Sighting in Jasper, Arkansas on 1976-10-15 02:00:00 – Same as above

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


In oct. of 1976 i was sleeping in a camper on the property we owned just south of jasper ark. on hwy 7. approximately 2am i was awoken by a load buzzing sound.

looking around the camper, i could not find the source of the sound. on attempting to get up and check outside, i found that i could not move. the buzzing got much loader as i tried to get up. the more i tried the louder the sound got. and the greater my inability to move became.
at this point, what seemed to be a audible voice coming from within the camper told me not to be afraid.”dont be afraid. we come in peace. we mean you no harm” .
what seemed to be standing beside the bed were 3 entities that had the appearance of shadows made out of pure light. i could make out no fine features. once they seemed to know that i had seen them they repeated the statements told to me moments before. then the leader told me that they had come to show me something. and he asked me”are you ready to see what we have come to show you?” i was 16 years old at the time and i was very terror filled. but at the same time another part of my self took over the interaction with these entities and told them that i was ready to see what they had come to show me. the entities asked me 3 times the same question. each time my resolve grew and my fear faded. as the last time the asked, i replied:”yes , i am ready. i have been ready. i have prepared for this moment.”. their next reply was; “this is you.” said with one voice.
what i saw before me was a bright light. bright like a star. all around the star was orange and red and yellow light with the white star in the center. the light was so bright that it started to feel like it was burning my eyes and head. i told them that it was too much and that it really hurt. “stop, it hurts it hurts” it felt like it was going to burn my eyes out . the leader then placed his hand on my head. the pain went away and i lost conciseness. when i woke up it was still dark. i ran out of the camper but saw nothing. it was approx. 4am
during this time in that area of northern ark other people had claimed to see strange lights. friends of our family had encounters with “big foot” type creatures.
me and my mother and a few friends had seen very bright red lights in the area. these were very low and were thought to be forest fires at first. we later found out that there were no such fires. and that many in the community had also thought the same thing.
last year i came across a website that had an interactive map of ufo(ufostalker.Com) encounters/sightings. it covered the reported sightings in the usa over the last 100 years or so. when the mouse pointer was placed over a location of a sighting, a link would take one to the details about the sighting. it was a very well done and informative web site. more specifically, it had information on an abduction that occurred in northern arkansas in the fall of 1976. very close to the date and location of my own encounter. this was the first time i found independent collaboration of my own experience. describing word for word many of the key elements of it. only it was not me. but 2 other people in a small town 100 miles from where i was. during the same year, the same month and , as far as i remember, the same day as my encounter. obviously, i was shocked. happy, but shocked.
i am in the process of doing research in coordination with an author who intends to publish a compilation of abductee experiences. they believe there is evidence that a mass abduction may have occurred.
as you can see, the testimony of the above described abduction would support this theory.
here is the problem. the website in question no longer exists. or if it does, it is no longer interactive. therefore, the abduction details cannt be accessed.
i have spent quite a bit of time trying to find other data bases that may have information. on this particular abduction with no luck. mufons online database was no help. neither was the center for ufo studies online database.
its kind of strange. because, i have searched the site in question many times.

**the place time date of 2nd encounter i found listed in lost database**

2 people, an man and a woman, sitting in a pickup truck. late at night.
the report goes on to describe a bright red light approaching and stopping near the truck.
north, north west of little rock ark.
oct. of 1976
both experiences start with the abductees fully awake.
full body paralysis followed by intense, low octave buzzing.
as i recall, the other abductees were terrified, as was i.
both incidents experienced the same voice and heard the same words spoken to us( i would describe as “in my head”), as follows: “do not be afraid. we come in peace. we mean you no harm. we have come to show you something very important..” i dont recall if the individuals in experience b heard this, but these “beings” then asked me” are you ready?”
i contacted brad stiger the same year this happened. he returned my latter quickly. in only a matter of weeks. he suggested i contact an “abductee group” in little rock. but i didnt. i was 16, and the whole thing freaked me out. and the fact that he was so responsive was a shock to be honest. well i am older now and have done quite a bit of reach on the subject. but i have only come across the 1 other experience related above that so closely resembles my own. down to the location and the words spoken by the “beings”.
if you would like to know all the details of my own experience and other similar experiences, i am open to your feedback.
please be aware, i am a mentally well balanced small business owner and single father, only interested in the truth.
i respect your work very much linda and would be honered with any help you could give me, or i you, regarding the “phenomenon”.
hi linda,
there are some other phenomenon related to my search which i am seeking more information on that you may come across and may also be of interest to you.
the region of the ozark mountains where the phenomenon i am researching occurred was rich with other related “strange” phenomenon during the early to mid 70s. my mother, my self, and several other friends witnessed strange, large red lights
in the night sky on several occasions.
during a period of time in the fall of 1973 2 different families who lived near our home(approx 2 miles) both had very close encounters with very large, hairy, ape like creatures. in one case, a close friend and her crying baby were approached by what looked to be a female. our friend and her child were in a single wide mobile home. the mother was trying to sooth the crying baby in the living room. she witnessed the creature through the large window approaching the home from across a large field. in fear the mother took the baby and hid in a hall closet. the mother says she heard the creature making cooing sounds next to the trailer.
the other family in question lived down the road about a tenth of a mile and during this same period of time spoke of being apprehensive about staying in there home because of similar events. this family were very close friends of ours and eventually left the area. apparently not coming to terms with the strangeness around them.
i realize this is somewhat lengthy, but i felt it was need to present what i feel are important facts.
i am open to any kind of interview. and stake my reputation on the truth of all i have related. i am of sound mind and sound body. i am a small business owner in southern california and would not benefit in any way from such a story.

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