UFO Sighting in Kingston, New Hampshire on 2019-03-05 23:00:00 – Small blue-white orb

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


Have been awoken by blinding flashes of light before… i sleep in the basement with large sliding glass doors to the right of where the bed is. awoke one night after a flash, which seems to light the entire room or come from inside my head. my laptop had timed out, which i usually sleep with playing music. i closed the lid and was looking for the charger. no lights were on in the room, no music. no curtains over glass doors. looked outside and saw a small glowing blue-white orb, about the size of a small peach very near to the door (about 3 inches away, and from my spot in the bed about 15 feet) and maybe 3 feet off the ground. very close to the door… pulsated and stayed in one spot. it was not the reflection of anything from inside the room on the glass, no lights or outlets were on… i watched for a few moments, scared and captivated. i reached around blindly for my phone, to take a photo. as soon as i touched my phone, the light blinked out. i got chills and set my phone down, the light came back on, winking, before going out for good. no sounds. no other lights that night. not the first time lights have been seen outside. i live near a swamp so people tell me swamp lights/gas but every time i go to take a photo, the lights disappear as if intelligent. usually above treeline or high in the sky, blue or white, no sound.

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