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UFO Sighting in Kinistino, Saskatchewan on 2011-06-17 22:00:00 – Florescent like light

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


I had just gotten dropped off at my mothers on james smith reserve we lived 20 min walk from the village, my friend saw us pull up so he came outside to greet me. i had asked him what was going on inside he told me that my fathers fire fighter crew was inside having drinks with my parents. i didnt want to go inside well i was kind of mad that they were drinking so i stayed outside. my friend stayed with me. one of the crew members came out to use the washroom. he started peeing right off the front steps so i said to him ” damn it (crew member) why cant you use the washroom like a normal person.” he replied ” washrooms being used” as i looked off into the distance i noticed a moving light so i said ” hey whats that?” crew member said “its a plain” and went inside. i told my friend to look and it started moving faster and getting brighter and closer. with in seconds it stopped right over our fire pit that was in the middle of a tear drop shape road that leaded to our house. it hovered for i dont know how long. i told my friend “are you seeing this” he didn’t say anything so i looked at him and he was looking at the hovering light. i looked back and just stared at it and it shot out into outer space really fast. it didn’t make any noise and the light was the size of a baseball. we went inside to tell of what we saw and right away the guy that was peeing outside asked where we went. i said ” we just saw a light ” crew member said i went out to pee again and you guys were gone.” he predeceased to accuse us of getting close to each other like going for a walk to “be alone” i don’t remember much after that. i don’t even know if i told them what we saw. i asked my friend meany days later about what happened or if he remembered and said “yes but i don’t want to talk about it can you just forget about it”. i don’t know why he re fusses to talk about it, maybe he was scared i don’t know. i still see him around town and we don’t talk much but after that night our friendship seemed to grow further apart. if we were abducted wouldn’t we be positioned differently i mean i remember the whole sighting but what bothers me is what (crew member) said. when i try to remember every detail it seems so-real like it didn’t happen but it did i remember it. till this day it still bothers me i think about it before i go to bed sometimes and try to think of what else it could have been. there is no explanation. i cant think of one.

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