UFO Sighting in Lyndonville, New York on 2011-11-26 05:15:00 – White sphere, smaller than full moon over the water of lake ontario.

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


Date: saturday, november 26, 2011
time: 5:15 am
place: ny shoreline of lake ontario looking to the north
my location: approx. 30 miles west of rochester, ny

latitude: 43â° 22′ 32.2″ n
longitude: 78â° 22′ 40.2″ w
magnetic declination: -11â° 3′
declination is negative (west)
inclination: 69â° 16′
magnetic field strength: 53511.2 nt

object: white filled circle (possible sphere, flat like a dish)
size: little smaller than the full moon
lights: none flashing
noise: none
position: stationary on all 6 sightings

i saw an unidentified light in the sky, looking to the north over the shoreline of lake ontario, from the new york side. this happened early saturday morning, november 26, 2011, at 5:15 am. i’m located 30 miles west of rochester ny on the lake ontario shoreline. canada is approx. 38 miles north of my location. i’ve attended local mufon chapter meetings for the western ny area, and reported this sighting to that group along with reporting it to the us border patrol.

i was remodeling water front property that’s been in our family since 1959. i
got up at 5 am to make a bathroom call. whenever i get up in the middle of the night, i look out and weather permitting go outside and look around and up to the sky and out over the water of lake ontario. this time i went outside and down to the edge of the property which is approx. 10 feet above the lake shoreline to just observe anything that might be happening on the water or in the sky.

looking directly north, a solid stationary white light (possibly a sphere, but resembling the full moon) appeared in the sky, at 5:15 am, about 40 degrees off the horizon, true heading is approx. 10 degrees off north. the sky had a little haze to it and the sun hadn’t come up yet to make out anything more that the white object. it was a little smaller that a full moon at this time of the year. the moon would be appearing to the south and not over lake ontario. no noise or lights of any kind making me realize that this isn’t an airplane.

visible long enough for me to look at my watch and return to the object. say after 30 seconds, the light disappeared, only to reappear just to the right (east) of where it was originally. this happened in a timed on/off sequence for a total of 4 times that it was visible, each time moving approx. 2 widths of itself to the east.

after the 4th display, there wasn’t any sign of it again until 5:20 am when i noticed it displayed down the shoreline to the east about half a mile. still located over the water roughly the same altitude and distance from the shoreline, and still a full circle, not elliptical. this sighting only lasted for one display, approximately the same time period. it disappeared. still not believing what i’ve just witnessed, i continued to look over the water concentrating where the 2 lights appeared.

at 5:30 am, the same white light, same shape, never any noise or strobe lights,
reappeared roughly in the same position where it first displayed itself to me. only one time and that was it. i stood in the same position for over an hour from the last display watching the sky until the sun rising illuminated the sky. that was it.

my first thought, i don’t think the us has anything that just positions itself in the sky like the moon and really doesn’t move. being the time of the year when all the residents along the shore line retreat back to their homes making my immediate area a ghost town. i thought that by my standing at the water’s edge so early in the morning, my heat signature might have played a part in why this thing showed itself. the sad part is that i didn’t have my digital camera with me for this object would have allowed me to capture one of the lights.

time will only tell if it’s one of ours or something out of this world.

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