UFO Sighting in Michigan on 2011-12-18 12:37:00 – Apparent sphere w/dark band at equator, surrounded by glowing aura

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


On december 18, 2011, i was at cruising altitude aboard a flight from dtw (detroit) to pellston (pln) michigan. at 12:37 pm a family member and i noticed an unidentifiable object outside the airplane. the object was of undetermined distance and size. the flight was heading in a generally northerly direction and the object was visible through my window on the starboard side of the aircraft. the object consisted of what appeared to be a grey sphere with a fuzzy horizontal black band at its “equator”, and was surrounded by a reddish white aura that was approximately twice the diameter of the grey sphere. the width (as measured from top to bottom) of the horizontal black band appeared to vary slightly–sometimes thicker, sometimes thinner, and its diameter was slightly larger than that of the grey sphere. it was difficult to tell whether the grey object at the center was opaque/solid or transparent. a flight attendant, somewhat cavalierly, dismissed the object as some sort of light reflection being projected onto cloud cover outside the plane. if this were the case, however, one would have expected the object’s position to have varied (which it did not) with the constantly-shifting distance of the adjacent clouds. the speed and direction of the object appeared to perfectly match that of the aircraft i was aboard.

i recorded the incident in a 55 second video on my iphone. the object was actually visible for a longer period of time (i don’t recall how long), but since its nature appeared to remain fairly static (i.E. no significant changes in direction, general appearance, etc.) it appeared that there was little to be gained in filming any longer.

what seem to have been scratches on the window’s inside pane are visible as black marks that move across the frame as the position of my telephone shifts in my hand.

although this object appeared to be outside the aircraft, i cannot discount the possibility that it was a reflection from inside the aircraft, visible on the inside surface of the outer window pane.

i have not attached the digital video because, according to the form i am currently filling out on the mufon website (and in direct contrast to what a mufon representative assured me on the telephone this morning) it appears that i would be required to relinquish all rights to the use of any multimedia that is submitted to mufon. to be clear, i do not relinquish any such rights. before sharing the video with mufon, i will require a written agreement stating that i solely retain all rights to use of the video, including any still images or other information that might be derived from it, and that it shall not be used for any purpose without my permission.

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