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UFO Sighting in Modesto, California on 1979-09-17 00:00:00 – Glowing green orb hovered, then shot away at approx 1500 mph

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


My husband was driving. we were returning to our home in marin county from a visit to his parents in los angeles. we were n/b on i-5 in modesto. it was about 10pm. full dark out. clear and dry. traffic was fairly light.
i was in the front right passenger seat. fully awake. no drugs or alcohol. no headphones on, no radio on. i looked up at the top of my passenger window where it met the roof of he car. at that point, there was an apple-green colored glowing orb. it wasn’t pulsating or flashing. it wasn’t moving. there was no noise and no other color.
i remember blinking because i was looking at something i absolutely could not place. i thought to look around for trucks with running lights, lighted billboard signs, and at our dash lights to see if it could be a reflection. our dash lights were red. there were no trucks or billboards or other lights near at all. i turned back and watched it intently. i suddenly felt happy and very warm and calm. as i stared, it began to move very slowly in a northerly direction and suddenly shot across the sky. when it disappeared from sight it was at approximately the center of the car windshield in the distance. i estimate the speed at at least 1500 mph. there was no trail. i hadn’t said a word to my husband. i was entranced. now, sure he had to have seen the object, i said “did you see that?” he had not seen anything. i waited a few years before reporting it. in the meanwhile, i began researching ufos. i eventually reported my sighting on the setlab online site which i believe closed several years ago. my curiosity about what i had seen has caused me to watch the skies ever since. in about 1999 or 2000, i attended one of steven greer’s disclosure project conferences at the masonic hall in san francisco.

i am now 63 years old. i’ve never been abducted nor seen an alien being to my knowledge. however, i did have one other sighting at my home in novato, marin county, california in about 2010. it was summertime, mid-afternoon. the object was about 500 ft above, maybe more. it was a white, cigar shaped object that moved extremely slowly. i thought it was a plane, then a bird, then a milkweed pod. finally, as i continued to watch it, i realized it was very high up and moving very slowly and that it was solid and could then discern its shape. this experience felt horrible. it felt malevolent. the object was horizontal in the sky and inching forward very slowly. suddenly, it stopped. it moved directly to it’s left, without turning. it stopped. it moved back to center and stopped. it moved directly to its right, without turning, and stopped. it moved back to center and then continued forward. i’m very curious and intelligent and brave but i went in the house and stayed there till this object was long gone. i cannot say more except to say that i felt like it was watching and there was just an overwhelming feeling of malevolence.


unfortunately, i have no photos. in any case, in 1979, we had no camera phones an in 2010, i would have been unable to capture a photo because of the distance and color of the object. my family knows about these two events. one other family member had a sighting when he was fairly young. so, he completely understands. the others have had no such experience so they are, typically, skeptical. however, my reputation is as someone who is logical, organized, intelligent, mentally sound, and almost a teetotaler. i’m open to unusual experiences but don’t go looking for them.
when you have a sighting, it just is.

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