UFO Sighting in Nantucket, Massachusetts on 2010-03-01 03:00:00 – Saw a bright blue orb of light that induced an outer body experience

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


I awoke in the early hours of the morning approx 3 am and saw a bright blue orb of light quite large in size hovering outside my bedroom window. the orb was very blue in color and was so bright that it lit up the sky surrounding it in the same color. it was so bright that it would appear if anybody were outside that they too would see the illumination. as i was looking at the orb while lying in bed the orb which was fixed outside which seemed to be almost watching me suddenly defied all physics and came through my bedroom window and hovered directly over my body. i was not afraid but quite the opposite i felt an overwhelming sense of calm and peacefulness. as it hovered over my body i began to have an outer body experience. i felt myself come out of my body and i felt suspended and could see myself lying on the bed from a birds eye view. i remember the room being completely silent which now looking back seems strange seeing the tv was left on. as i looked at myself the room was glowing from the blue light that was emitting from the orb. i felt a very strong energy coming from the orb and after hovering for just a couple of min the orb shot out the window that it entered in and with incredible speed darted off into the night sky. as soon as the orb exited i felt like what would be described as my sprit being thrown back into my body. at this point the room was no longer glowing and i could hear the sounds of the tv. i then fell back asleep feeling very calm and unbothered. leading up to this experience i had not been feeling very well i had not gotten my period in 8 months and was not pregnant seeing i had been to the doctor about the matter and had taken a pregnancy test that came back negative. i had been very stressed and worried at the fact that my period was so late without any apparent reason so i had been in prayer and turning to god. i had been watching a christian channel before going to bed i vividly remember it being on the tv. to my surprise when i woke up that morning after seeing this orb i had got my period. i’m not sure if my health issues and the orb sighting were all a coincidence but i strongly believe it was all connected an that somehow the orb played a role in me finally getting my period. i told my boyfriend who had been sleeping next to me all night about what happened and we were both stumped about the chain of events. i have never seen or experienced anything of the sort in my entire life until that day. i remember it so vividly and i am 100% sure it was not a dream. till this day i am perplexed by what happened and have been seeking out answers. to my dismay i was not able to find any information that would explain what happened. i googled countless times trying to find anything that could give me answers but found nothing. years went by and i kind of put the event behind me and just left it at that.

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