UFO Sighting in Nelson, Nelson on 2019-01-06 15:59:00 – There showing me last years encounter me from last year encounter

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


Last summer i had a direct encounter with 2 reptilians younger ones dimensional saying they are protected and a grey beast with blood red eye,s that roared at and warned me about what i was studing . which was aliens live in ancient volcano chambers they use dimensional port holes lakes etc and big foot is a field guard . i drove up into the mountains in the south island of new zealand to point a telescope straight at a lake on the side of the mpountain that i thought may be an old blow hole from a volcano . anyway then this even took place i could here people yelling huge bear huge bear anyone up there leave as will as what i was looking at . that was last summer . i took this recording sunday 6/1/2019 just over a year later . this is a frame off the recording in the recording you can see 2 ufo making the shadow big foot happen now that beast controlled a native bird last year right in front of me i just gave it food and 2 beams of light just appeared on its head and it walked backwards a metre and the lights stopped and it took off into the bush then the beast roared at me felt it in my organs and froze then it was to my right i looked wow pale grey reptilian type beast huge its eye,s were 3 quarter tear drop shaped that curved around the head then curved up 45 degree,s to a curved point . say around 9 to ten feet tall it was sitting like maybe a tail 4 feet across the shoulders about big straight teeth and a mussel structure where you just know you are about to die . i heard yelling big foot anyone up there leave i smelt something rather rotten the beast said leave to it this is outside your rank and domain then it rawed at it and it must have gone . dont ever ever ever try this. i cant tell anyone here but this i hope this shows i am telling the truth. i took this timelapse with a telescope camera and 0.9 light filter bird bottom of frame shadowish big foot and a ufo top right of the sun and one botton right of the sun ball type ufo . the other circles to the right are just the filter causing that. i can only hope you get the fact i am telling the truth . this is a raw frame untouched in any way.

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