UFO Sighting in New Madrid, Missouri on 1987-10-01 04:00:00 – A crystal faceted diamond craft encountered early morning while hunting. it observed and followed us.

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


With this encounter out of many, me and a friend were going hunting. it was 3 am new madrid county, mo. my friend was driving us. we were on a two-lane highway. it was a bright clear night. as we topped a hill there was a stationary object hovering about 30 yards ahead. it was 3 feet off the road and as wide as the road. it was about 35-40ft tall. it was in the shape of a crystal faceted diamond that sparked every color like a crystal when our trucks head lights hit it. we came to a complete stop on the road. then we crept towards the crystal slowly. it started to move, and we gave chase after. it was a 2-mile straight stretch on the road the craft stayed about 10ft above the road. we lost the craft when it went over the trees on the levy at the curve at the road. we turned up on to the levy that borders the mississippi river. we park on top of the levy at the hunting area. as i go to exit the vehicle, i see out the driver’s window i see the craft. it was hovering stationary eye level opposite a small thin tree line down the levy about 40ft away. we observed it for roughly 10 minutes then another pair of hunters come upon our location. when their truck got close to us the object blanked out remaining in position but darkened to have no visibility except a shimmer blur outline from the moonlight. the truck parks directly in front of us. i tell my friend sitting next to me that it’s still there you just can’t see it. and the other hunters will never notice it. we exit the truck after the other hunters. we get our bows and equipment out from back off truck. all of us moved down the levy walking toward wooded area with logging road. the 2 other hunters were about 20 ft ahead of me and my friend was 3 ft ahead of me. at the bottom of the levy i looked back and saw the crystal craft has relight and is floating 3ft above the cab of our truck making the truck visible. they keep walking and stay and watch. i catch up to my friend and tell him to look back. he cursed me said “i’m not looking back i know it’s there. i don’t wanna see it.” at that moment i look back again at the truck and see that the craft has moved towards me down the levy staying 3ft off the ground. the glow from the crystal lit up the ground behind us. i turn to my friend saying “you have to look. it’s close.” as i did, i heard a voice in front of us in the dark the other hunter asked us “which trail we were taking?” as he did, i realized he was looking our direction, but did not see the craft. he had no reaction to it. so, i imminently looked back to see it disappeared again. then as we got to the trail my friend and i pause inside the tree line. i looked for the other hunters and see the craft is on the other side of the logging road in the tree line following the other hunters. the ground and the trees lit up while the craft followed them. that was the point at which i can remember coming from the hunt with it being daylight now and not remembering going on the hunt. when we got back the other hunters had left. this was one time i have encountered this craft.

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