UFO Sighting in Newtown, Pennsylvania on 2018-06-13 20:20:00 – Helo chasing bright orb approximately a year ago

Mh-53d or later variant…Probable spec ops bird because of protruding long refueling boom… chasing a bright white orb approx 200 to 300 yards ahead of the 53 at same altitude just at sunset on clear day. i was sitting in my living room watching tv when i heard the distinct blade slap of an h-53 or possible h-47 approaching in the distance. after about 15 or 20 seconds i slowly realized how close this thing was getting so i thought maybe i’ll go out and take a look see…Or…Maybe not…Then it got louder and louder until the house and windows started to vibrate… a few seconds later and i thought … damn..This thing is coming down on the house… i jumped from my chair and ran out back just in time to see the 53 pass directly over head…I mean directly over head at full speed…Nose canted way down… at about approx 150 ft altitude…Not much more. as the 53 flew south down range i saw that it that it was chasing a bright white orb which banked left to the east and disappeared behind trees as did the 53 right behind it.Total actual sighting time ..Less than 5 seconds…I’m 100 % sure i know what my eyes saw.
at first i was dumbfounded…I had to gather my thoughts at what i know i saw…After a think out i figured it might be some kind of snap security drill from the homeland security people for drone interdiction … could they put a bright enough running light on a drone to blot out the rest of the drone so as only to see the light…Possible just after sunset…But still plenty light out… i wondered…Would they even conduct such a drill in a semi populated area such as this… at those altitudes…Capabilities…Limitations… that’s what drills are for after all.
times being what they are i figured that is what it had to be.So maybe i should just let it go and keep my mouth shut… i did… now… about a year later…And after hearing about the tic tac episode off san diego and more recently off nas oceana… i’m not so sure any more…
the nearest station for that type of helo that i could find on the net at the time was at nas lakehurst, new jersey…Not that far and well within range…But as i recently found out… so is the rutgers drone flight school… just across the river.

better late than never,
ex navy helo aircrewman

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