UFO Sighting in None, Louisiana on 1967-03-12 19:00:00 – A rather dramatic sighting of a hovering craft many years ago while traveling in rural louisiana.

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


This event happened many years ago, but it was a big event in my life and quite a lot of the detail is forever etched into my brain. i have never told the history around this event to anyone “officially” such as mufon, only to some friends and family occasionally, however i would like for it to be recorded somehow just for the record. also i don’t remember the exact date or the exact place as it was on an isolated, rural 2 lane highway in louisiana as i and 3 other men were traveling to new orleans from southeast oklahoma to meet a larger group of co-workers. some of the questions asked by mufon were a bit difficult as the selections available weren’t always the words needed and the date is approximate. (the forms force you to choose a county location, so i picked vernon as a general location although i have no idea if that is really correct.) i truly wish i could remember the exact place and time, but the only thing i’m sure of is that it was in1967 and probably close to springtime, which i understand was a long time ago. i do not tell this story lightly and people can believe it or not, i really do not care because i know the truth of what happened, and that is what’s important to me.

the four of us were traveling by car and it was getting on toward dusk in the late afternoon, not dark, but the light was starting to fade. i was sitting in the rear seat directly behind the driver when he rather excitedly said there was an odd light ahead of us in the sky. i recall trying to look past and around him to see this light through the windshield. i caught a glimpse of it but couldn’t see it well, so i started telling him to pull over so we could get out and look and repeated that 2 or 3 times. it took a minute for him to pull over and park the car on the side of the road so we could get out. when he first saw the object it was traveling directly across in front of the car at a considerable distance as we were driving down the highway. he said it was a bluish color when he first spotted it and moving quite fast, but now it seemed to change to a lighter whiteish color and had slowed down some. by then we were stopped and out of the car and the object had turned quite sharply and was traveling parallel along the highway just off to the right side. there were no buildings or houses to be seen as it was a very rural area and nothing to really pinpoint where we were. i remember another car passing us heading in the same direction as we were right after we pulled over and were standing by the side of the road and they didn’t stop, but they had to see this craft, whatever it was, i don’t think you couldn’t miss it. so, the 4 of us were standing there watching this object heading down along the highway right in our direction and i recall being a little scared but also amazed and curious. it was not moving really fast, but at a steady pace, and what was so dramatic and rather frightening to all of us is that as it came up along side where we were standing it stopped! it just simply stopped and hovered directly in front of us just off the side of the highway and i estimate it was only about 30-35 yards or so away from us and approximately 30 or 40 feet off the ground! it didn’t move or do anything that i recall, it just silently hovered! i don’t remember any of the conversation between us if there was much, but it seems that one of the other men was a bit upset as this happened. the road itself was little elevated from the land in front of us and there was an old barbwire fence down below the road, otherwise the area was flat with some trees here and there off in the distance. the object was a disk shape, kind of a luminous white or glowing off-white color, maybe a soft white is the best description, and it was a continuous glow, not bright enough to hurt your eyes. we could not make out any detail at all such as windows or portholes, no markings, no “running lights”, no fins or wings, just this luminous glow over the entire thing. i would estimate the craft as about the length of 2 full size cars or pickup trucks bumper to bumper. more or less, perhaps a touch less, not really large. the height of it didn’t seem very tall, perhaps enough for a small adult to stand in the middle of it. one of the other very striking things was that it made absolutely no noise at all, nothing! it never made a sound as long as we observed it. one other very odd thing was that at some point we noticed a light, a beam of sorts underneath the craft. it was sort of like a small, soft spot light, not real intense, and it was moving erratically underneath the craft and you could see it on the ground moving but in no real pattern or anything i could discern and it stayed directly underneath it. well, we stood there watching all this for a while in complete shock and amazement, i’m not sure how long, but it seems like only a short time, maybe 5 or 10 minutes. i don’t recall any other vehicles passing us in either direction during the time we were standing there. the craft eventually moved off at an angle, away from the highway, not quickly but rather slowly at a steady pace until it disappeared in the distance. it was quite open country and flat in this spot so we watched it until it was gone and it was quite dark by now. needless to say we were shaken, amazed and excited, and found the whole experience baffling and a bit hard to believe though i recall a couple of the other guys saying how they had always been very skeptical of such things, until now. they sure weren’t skeptical anymore. we talked about it a while and knew we needed to get on to new orleans. we discussed what we were going to do about this thing happening for a while. mostly no one wanted to tell anyone or report it because they figured we would be called crazy. i thought we should report the whole thing to someone and i so wish that we had done so and there would be a record of it we never called and reported anything about it to anyone. we continued on to our destination and when we arrived, our friends were genuinely upset and concerned and they wanted to know why it had taken us so long to get there. everyone in this group had all left the same location and were to meet up in new orleans at a pre-arranged destination, a motel. the 4 of us kept explaining that we didn’t waste a lot of time and only stopped for fuel and perhaps a bite to eat or restroom break on the trip. and that was the truth except for the time we spent watching the craft by the side of the road which we all felt sure was only a few minutes. our friends thought we should have arrived at least 2 hours sooner than we did and they had considered calling the police or highway patrol to see if we have been in an accident. their concern was genuine and they didn’t really seem to think we had not “wasted” some time somewhere. back then i didn’t know about missing time, but it seems we spent more than a few minutes on the side of the road from what they were saying. what truly happened around that i do not know. i have absolutely no recollection of anything happening that i have not described. while something else may have occurred i can’t say for sure, but i have always wondered about it a great deal. there was no explanation for the “missing time” that our friends seemed too imply. i left that job some months later and i have never seen the other 3 men since. i have no way to contact them and wouldn’t even know if they are dead or alive. there were no cell phones back then and we had no cameras handy so sadly i have no hard evidence to back up my story. i am an honest person that has absolutely no reason to lie about any of this and i know that all i have written here is a fact. i am at peace about that and just think it’s past time i told someone in an official capacity about what happened. i would appreciate someone from mufon contacting me just to touch bases and discuss it if nothing else. it was a very huge event in my life and i have spent many an hour trying to figure out if more happened than i remember. thank you for reading my memory of this sighting.

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