UFO Sighting in North Las Vegas, Nevada on 2018-06-11 00:00:00 – 5 types of crafts over 50 total objects with first sighted following me for 3 hours.

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


June 11, 2:11 am 2018 i walked out on my portch with my girlfriend to have a smoke. hovering about 500 ft high and 1/4 mille down range. no clouds or wind. the object rotated about 2 or 3 revolutions/min. on one axis the object was diamond shaped with a cross inside the diamond. both the diamond and cross radiated red, green & whit light. on the other axis it appeared as a solid white line. no audibal sound. about a min later i spotted another identical object at the same altitude but 3-5 miles away. at this point a private cessna style plane flew behind the closest object and i could hear the motor noise from the plane. then out of the corner of my eye a third object, in the shape of a sargent’s stripe with 5 circular red lights flew a straight line path across the whole vegas vally at the same altitude as the the first 2 in 3-5 seconds and passed between me and the first object spotted. the valley spands 25 miles.

we both jumped in my car to get a closer look. i decided to run down the further object because of its proximity to the western mt. range and unobstructed view of the vally. as we headed west on the highway 215 from decatur heading west @90 mph the first spotted object paralleled my route randomly changing altitude. durning our 15 min ride i spotted an extremely solid white 4th object descend from the sky at a high rate of speed. i only saw it momentarily because of the highway sound barrier wall. we both tried to approximate the location and came up with mccarran int airport area. approx 18 miles as the crow flies. about a min further down the road our sight became unobstructed and witnessed the object coming directly at me and in an instant was gone. no noise. the light was extremely bright.

myself and three cars around me all stopped in the middle of the highway to try and process what we just saw. we continue for 3 miles and pull off on sahara, get to a side street, get out and we stand on the roof of my minivan. we are now miles from city lights with a completely unobstructed view of the entire valley, the object that had followed me is now stationary roughly 1/4 mile down range west. but changes its altitude from 1000 ft to a mile high at a slow rate of speed and the second object spotted seemed to keep it’s original distance when first spotted. the west mt. range is approx 2 miles from our location. now the shit gets real!! we start to see more and more (approx 40 objects) of the same type of objects as a star size at first, with a blue hue, but as they descend around the whole valley at each mt range peak the it becomes recognizable as the first type of object spotted at the beginning of this encounter. i would say there were 2-3 miles separation between each of the objects bordering vegas. then 2 objects one on the north end the other to the south seamed to appear out of nowhere approx 100-200 feet off the deck and hover motionless for 30 minutes.. both of these are identical upside down acorn shape, giving off pure pulsating white light and no where as bright as the one on the highway.

we then lay down on the roof of the car and start to notice more of the first type of objects in a triangular formations made up of 3’s at a much greater altitude approx 10 miles up, criss-crossing the valley. in one of the formations the lead ship changes direction 180 deg instantly and the 2 on the trailing edge jump to light speed and shoot straight up. gone!

at 3 different times we saw police cruisers pulled over with their heads out the window looking at what we were seeing.

the morning light was appearing and the objects seemed to just fade away so we decided to call it a night. the drive home was only 10 minutes but halfway home i looked up out the sunroof and the object that been trailing me was still there. we pulled in to the garage in complete stunned silence. i immediately went back to the porch where it all started and sure enough…..There it was! finally with the first light i was able to see some outline to the object which was white in color. before i could really tell what shape it was it ascended up into the sky and faded away.

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