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UFO Sighting in Nugegoda, Western Province on 2019-05-10 07:15:00 – Two spheres and a disc spotted north of nugegoda, sri lanka

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


It was about 7:15 am on the 10th of may 2019. it was a dark time for our country as we had experienced a chain of terrorist attacks.

my wife and i did not have to go to work that day, so instead of going about our usual routine we were sitting on our bed and watching the sky outside the window. we live on the fourth floor of our building so the view is pretty good.

the funny thing is, i actually told my wife “what would you do if a huge spaceship parks outside our window right now?” to which she jokingly said something like “tell them to take us with them.”

a minute or so afterwards, in the distance (beyond 1.5 km) i saw what i thought were parachutes in the sky. since the country was under emergency law with the military actively hounding down terrorists at the time, i rushed to the window saying “what the hell are those? parachutes?”. my wife joined me to watch them.

as i observed them better, i realized that they are not parachutes, but appeared to be two black-ish spheres and a dark orange metallic looking disc, travelling at a constant speed from the north west to the north east of my position.

it seemed to be some distance behind a nearby building (which i checked on google earth to be 1.5 km away from our location). judging by their size and the size of how the windows of this building appeared to be, i think the spheres were probably the size of a car and the disc was about the size of a bus.

i then thought that they were maybe kites or balloons. i told my wife to go get my binoculars and remembered that both our smartphones were dead as we had not charged them overnight (which i deeply regret now). she could not find the binoculars but returned back to watch the objects with me.

the objects maintained the distance they had between each other. a sphere and the disc flew horizontally to each other and the second sphere was directly under the disc.

these objects traveled slowly, and for a few moments were visually obscured by a coconut tree that was growing out of a neighboring garden. it emerged from the other side of the tree and after travelling horizontally for a few seconds, stopped and began to slowly ascend to the sky. the three objects slowly vanished into the clouds above, never breaking their formation.

my wife and i realized that this was most definitely no kite, drone or balloon. but we wanted to double check anyway, so i called the local weather department at 7:30 am and inquired if they had sent up a few weather balloons around the same time. the officer who spoke to me told me that they had indeed launched a red weather balloon at 6:30 am. when i told them about what i had seen, they said that it is best that i reported it to the air force.

i know a few people in the military personally, so i called one person and described exactly what i saw. he was more concerned that this may be some drone used by the terrorists (as there were talks that they were using drones for recon and also bombing), but the behavior and the estimated size of the objects didn’t support that theory. he spoke to a friend in the air force who checked with the radar office, and said that there were no such objects spotted on their scopes.

we did not discuss this event for a very long time as we feared that we may be ridiculed or that we may have seen something we were not supposed to see. but after the recent ufo videos circulating online, we decided that it was time we reported this, at least to mufon.

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