UFO Sighting in Olive Branch, Mississippi – Viewed on nasa live iss camera

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


I viewed this cylinder object on nasa’s live iss feed tuesday may 28, 2019 at at 12:32 am. i took photo and blew up and looks like might be a cylinder object and not a reflection. i’d like to add that i can’t exactly remember the date but i viewed the the object / objects that someone reported seeing on the iss camera recently that was round with holes inside it. i did see that, but without being there i didn’t know if it was a reflection off the camera or something else just like i’m not sure about the cylinder. i did view another odd incident i believe was a day or so after viewing the cylinder. it was like a falling star on horizon. seems immediately after the falling star a bright red circular light appeared in the far distance. i focused my eyes on it a few seconds as i put my fingers in position to take a snapshot and the second i was snapping shot nasa cut the live feed and i missed the shot. also on friday may 31st at 12:27, i snapped a shot of a bright light under the clouds. when broken clouds passed the light was super bright. brighter than this photo. this was not taken in brightest spots. the super bright light seemed to be under the clouds or my conclusion would of been it was the sun. i’m clueless as to what i viewed. might be a logical explanation for them i hope you experts can fill me in. anyone wanting to get a good look at cylinder will have to blow the photo up to see better. i saw a bunch of blinking lights on black night sky on iss live feed also around same time span as these. i found that odd but failed to take snapshots from watching them. i blew one of the snapshots of cylinder up later to get a closer look and enlarged with my fingers on iphone even more. doesn’t look much like a reflection but an object. you be the judge.

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