UFO Sighting in Phoenix, Arizona on 2018-10-13 00:00:00 – Large bright orbs in line seen stationary in the sky while traveling se to laveen from goodyear

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


On saturday, october 13th 2018 we left our home in verrado, buckeye at 6:40 p.M, to drive our son to his homecoming dance in laveen az at his private school on 27th ave and southern. approximately 7:00p.M. we reached 99th ave and broadway. many of the roads still had slight flooding due to the heavy rains earlier in the day and the night before. we turned left on broadway and cintinued to travel east towards 27th ave. at approximately 83rd ave i noticed how unusually dark it was outside and could see peripherally that it was very bright to my left as the passenger in the front seat. i looked to my left, through the drivers window and noticed bright lights in the sky. they were abnormally bright. i then took notice that seemed to be stationary and larger than the normal plane or helicopter lights that i have seen many times in the sky at night. they were not changing color, moving or flashing at the time either. i asked my son who is 14 in the back to look up at the lights to his left and he did and said ok. i asked if they looked to be moving or stationary and after about 30 seconds (still driving east), he said they are very bright and not moving . they looked like they were in a horizontal line. there were approximately 4-5 in the line. i decided to start snapping live photo’s with my iphone camera. i randomly took live photo’s as we traveled and asked my husband who was driving if he could tell if they were moving or stationary and he said they were stationary from what he could tell as well. we talked and discussed that they must be really large because we are still driving and they are still in the area of the sky, but slightly lower in a horizontal almost diagonal slightly tipped downward on the east side of the line.
i took a few more live photo’s as we approached 35th ave. approximately 7:14 pm. the first photos were approximately taken at 7:05 pm. all photos are original with date and time stamped with metadata through iphone. we turned left on to 27th from
broadway and we noticed at this time that the lights were to
our left now (they did not move), but the lights in the back of the line were beginning to fade and the two lights closest to us were becoming brighter.

at this time , we dropped off our son approximately 7:20pm for his dance and took a photo of him and two friends before they went into the dance. we left the parking lot and looked up and
could still see the two lights that were very bright at this point, and drive to the home depot on broadway heading west. by the time we arrived there the lights were no longer visible anywhere in the sky. i have 10 live photo videos from iphone 7 plus that show a few seconds of video each. photo of son when arrived at destination 7:20pm. photos before leaving house for or to support timeline as well.

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