UFO Sighting in Portage, Michigan on 2019-01-08 06:40:00 – Very distressed

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


I was coming back from the shop in goole when i live and decided to go for a cigarette near my home on the riverbank. it’s a great place to look up at the stars and on clear nights i always look up. most nights i see what i believe to be satellites. single moving blimps that’s don’t move fast and always remain on course and at first that what i believed i saw tonight until i noticed a second blimp moving behind at the same pace. at that moment it caught extra interest and kept my eyes on them. there where a few clouds in the sky and that’s when i became shocked. the 2 blimps passed underneath dence cloud cover and did not loose any brightness. that’s when i noticed 1 additional blimp come through the cloud cover to join the other two but this one began traveling in the opposite direction at a higher speed. at this point i’m in disbelief because i know there not satellites. i continued to keep my eyes on all 3 but the third had most of my attention. then when the cloud cover passed i noticed 5-6 more blimps moving in streight lines close to each other but i different directions. it’s very hard to articulate. 2 of the orbs that although i knew where high up moved right above me and the back the opposite direction. then after around 15 minutes into the event, a single fighter jet flew in from the north at the same altitude as cloud cover (i knew it’s was a fighter jet speed, sound, can see the orange propulsion out the back) comes flying over and does a full circle over goole, it’s during this time the lights disappeared just before the jet could get close and then the jet flew back north. goole is in a area where a lot of military movement is happening, especially with the air force because of russian interception so in the last few years we have seen all kinds of cool aircraft. british, american… who ever. but this was no satellite and fighter jets that fly close to goole when intercepting russians fly south to south east. this jet came from the north and the blips were in the area where fighter jets come from but they definitely were not jets. this is my first log to mufon and i know i just saw something happen in my sky’s between 6-10 ufo’s and the raf tonight.

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