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UFO Sighting in Quakertown, Pennsylvania on 2011-05-10 20:30:00 – Multiple ufo sightings in the richlandtown area

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


I saw one, it was way back in 2011, and it was actually my older brother who saw it first, as he was walking our dogs, he came into the house, and told me to look up above our neighbors house. i did, and what a sight! this thing must have been bigger than his one story house, and it was a huge disc shape, it was a thick circle though, and it flashed all these colors too, in a pattern! it must have only been maybe 30 feet above his house, just hovering there, completely silent. i decided that i had to take a photo or video of this thing, because no one would believe it. so i turned away, and ran back to my house, i turned around when i reached the door, only to find that this huge ship was gone. when i tried talking to my older brother about where it had gone, he couldn’t even remember the last five minutes, and to this day he can’t remember that night. i suspect, that this ship saw us looking at it, and when i turned away and ran back to my house, i had unknowingly protected myself, because i think his memory was wiped by that ship somehow.

another time i saw a mother ship hovering above the tree tops, and releasing smaller drones down to the earth, those drones went down to the earth, as if to gather samples etc, and then they went back up into the mother ship, and they left.

another time we saw a ufo, and my older brother and i pointed our laser pointers at it, and the damn thing came after us, and chased us!

one time my mother, my little sister, and myself were house sitting for a neighbor, and as we did this, we all heard an unearthly noise, it sounded like an alien spacecraft, and it had an oscillating noise which enveloped the entire house, this lasted for about two minutes, and then the noise completely vanished. only about a year later, the noise returned, only this time it hovered in front of our house, no one saw it, but myself and my little sister heard it, and we immediately started to freak out, it sounds like an advanced oscillating engine/propulsion technology, it lasted for only a minute, and then it left.

in all of these events, it only happens during the spring/summer time. which suggests to me that they are most interested in this region when the wildlife is abundant and active, which i believe they use for educational/scientific research and study of our planet, and all its inhabitants.

the best ways to contact me would be by email, or even a visit would be okay, although i live with my parents, and no one else is willing to come forward, and they do not want to be contacted by you, nor would the property owners want to have an in house interview, although i would be happy to meet your field team and show you the various locations the events happened.

after the first incident in 2011, i noticed i had strange symbols on my left hand, i don’t know if it’s a simple coincidence, or if “they” placed a mark upon me. i also have access to something called: “the database” it’s a collection of everything ever done in the past, everything that is being done in the present, and everything that is going to happen in the future. i used this information to learn about the most highly classified secrets of the federal governmnet, which i will reveal to you upon your request. so far i’ve decoded how paper currency is made, and i know about project z, the governments plan to turn people into zombies, and i have evidence to show you, that was documented by major news sources.

“they” whether they are members of the divine, or extraterrestrial, visit me, and they give me this information, they speak to me in my dreams, and they tell me all these things. although “they” never reveal to me who or what they are.

whatever these symbols mean, i’m wondering if they have any meaning to your organization. perhaps it is some alien language, or something you’ve seen in your collection of submissions.

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