UFO Sighting in Red feather lakes, Colorado on 2018-06-02 10:00:00 – Two incidents approx 20 mins apart

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


We were on our way to chicken park ( an interesting geological site with kimberlite deposits, which we indeed found later that day). we had recently bought a mineral claim but were unable to access it due to deadman rd still being closed for winter run-off reasons ( we are at 10k feet at the claim and around 8k feet where the sighting occurred ).
it was approx 10 am on june 2nd 2018 when we were on the last paved section of creedmore lakes road and ascending uphill with my wife in the truck. she does not have great long vision but mine is exceptional, according to the doctor at my last exam.
from the north west, my eye was caught by what i first thought was a flock of birds moving in formation.
it suddenly occurred to me that this was not a flock of birds.
i would describe them as white spherical objects at great distance and very high in the atmosphere. there were approximately fifty. they were moving in a perfectly fixed formation, almost like a chinese alphabetical charachter, ( but no significance meant by that , just trying to give a sense of the vertical pattern in the sky ).
i lost sight of them as my truck was obscured by mountains and trees and accelerated up hill, hoping to see them at the top of the hill but they had vanished.
we proceeded to our destination on chicken park road and stopped opposite the trail entrance.
as we exited the truck and made ready for out hike to the mineral site, i scanned the sky as i relayed what i had seen to my wife.
i then saw what i thought were two white birds flying directly at us from the north east. they seemed very low and small. they flew perfectly together at approximately two feet apart. they came straight at my truck and flew about 10 feet above my head. they seemed to be travelling at approx 20 miles per hour.
they were two white balls about the same size as tennis balls.
they carried straight in their path and went out of sight in the heavily wooded terrain.
i felt that we had been observed by controlled probes.
the area is at altitude with exceptionally clear blue skies, thunderstorms were building to the south which did not affect our view.
i wrote this report because i have become curious to see if anyone else had seen these.
i believe the first encounter was of objects in the far reaches of our upper atmosphere due to their angle in the sky and their perspective in regards to the terrain. the second encounter was of a different nature. my guess would be that they were related.

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