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UFO Sighting in Ridgecrest, California on 1995-03-10 00:00:00 – Chevron/wing shaped object maybe a couple100 ft across above me,low hum i could feel.Then dissapeared

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


Approx spring of 1995 i was photographing and offroad desert race (im a motorsports photographer)off trona rd near ridgecrest ca,also near china lake af base.I was with a friend,he was wandering looking for snakes at the time.I kept hearing a low humming/buzzing kind of noise that i could almost feel or did feel.I looked up and directly hovering in one spot was a huge object that looked like a black wing.I thought maybe it was a stealth bomber,too big for a fighter but id never seen one close up so i wasnt sure. i thought ah cool gonna take a photo but a race truck was coming so i brought the camera down to take a photo of the truck (i know stupid me) as i brought the camera back up to take a photo of the object it was gone. completely vanished out of site.All within about 20-30 secs.Not a cloud in the sky to hide it and hills too far for it to have gone behind that fast.Perfect blue sky clear day. my friend came back and i asked him if he saw it,he said no but he heard the humming noise.I told him what i saw he said im tripping on drugs of course.I told a race official later that day who lived in the area and he actually believed me.He said they see strange things out there all the time.I had just been at aliencon on saturday the 16th and sat through some of the conferences.Thats how i new to report this.I met and talked to keith arem and had told him briefly 3 separate events ive seen,one being associated with the phoenix lights possibly.I had bought his movie phoenix incident and the disclosure dvd along with it.In part of disclosure nick pope described to a tee exactly what i saw,felt and heard and it dissapearing. i literally sat here as he said it with goosebumps and cried last night.All these years its bugged me and have told people.Some believed me and some just laughed.I was so relieved when nick pope described it on the video.Now i know it was real.Even a little emotional as im writing this lol. ive witnessed to other things in the past,one recently. approx march 13 1997 when the phoenix lights happened,me and a couple friends were on top of butlers peak fire lookout in the big bear lake ca area at night.We were looking out over the desert and saw a triangle formation of white lights way off in the distance. we figured it had something to do with 29 palms military base and didnt think much about it.Approx 2-3 years later i was watching a tv show about ufos/aliens and it was about the phoenix lights.I was like holy crap i saw those lights.I called my friend and asked him when it was, couldnt remember exact day but it was on or around the same date as the phoenix lights. the most recent,i was dropping my son off at home to his mothers in the big bear city ca area last summer approx 9pm at night. as we were driving up his street i saw a basket ball sized and shaped, i guess orb,moving from left to right about 20-30 ft from the ground.It moved at a steady smooth pace and behind a tree,i could still see it through the tree, then it dissapeared.I asked my son if he saw it and of course he was looking at his phone and didnt see it.As we walked up to the door i turned and looked across the dirt lot across the street the other street and saw it again above the houses at the same height and speed.I dont think it was a drone,i heard no noise once i was outside.And it was perfectly round,glowing from orange,red,yellow.

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