UFO Sighting in Santa Rosa, California on 1981-06-19 20:20:00 – Bright light with several red blinking lights . red lights dispersed in various directions.

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


My girlfriend and i were heading to see a friend play a softball game. heading west we say a bright light surrounded by approximately 5 to 6 blinking red lights. red lights were much smaller than the white light. white light was centered of the red lights. red lights created a circle formation. at first and i said i wonder what happened? it looked like possibly some sort of a emergency. at this point we were at a stop light waiting to turn on to the freeway heading south on hwy 101 . that’s when the red lights shuttered and then dispersed in opposite directions. the main white light stayed in position. i remember saying “ are you seeing that? “ to karen . we headed southbound on hwy 101 . why we did this still i have no answer but we got off at the next exit and then headed back now north bound on hwy 101 getting back off where we started. now on steel ln rd we headed west towards the light. that’s when we noticed the white light was moving . and it was getting bigger which led us to believe it was getting closer . actually in our direction. a feeling cane over me for some reason like it new we were observing it. don’t ask. but it felt like that. and actually it was. my grandmother lived approximately 2 miles away in the direction we were heading . west on steel lane rd. as we went by the redwood empire ice arena a erie feeling came over both of us because this thing was heading straight at us. at this time we arrived at my grandmothers house. we parked. got out and as we walked up the stairs to her upstairs unit we both realized this whatever it is , is about to go right over us. we went and got my grandmother and said you need to see this. she , myself, and my girlfriend stood out on her upstairs patio. and then the first part of the craft became visual. what i remember the most was 2 things. the sound a low hum light high power lines. just this weird low hum. i can hear it to this day. and 2 for how huge this was how slow it moved. as it went over my grandmother became frightened and went inside. my girlfriend karen watched till it was half way over but then became frightened and went inside . i stayed. the shape was semi diamond but rounded edges . no wings but the width was approximately 1000 ft. i’m figuring 3 + football fields. depth about half that and height about 100 ft. it hovered about 500 ft roughly overhead. close enough that i could see a char or black marks like you see when our shuttle re enters . the char was from from front to back on the belly of the craft. it was a dull grey in color almost metal in appearance. as it slowly went over head in a eastern direction and once it was completely visible the size was incredible. and just a low hum sound . once it went over at the back of the craft was some sort of a opening. thing that comes to mind like a entry or a landing or boarding area. i could see tanks on each side of this area. tanks that hold fluids . this area was dark giving the impression of depth. at this point my girlfriend came back out. we looked at each other in disbelief. we watched it slowly travel in a east bound direction. we actually called her mother and asked if she could see it but she said no. we also called the airport and got through to someone apparently in the control tower. they said they didn’t have anything on radar. how i have no idea. this thing was massive. this may be interesting. shortly after that my girlfriend and i went our own ways. haven’t seen her since. it’s been many years. i sometimes think and i wish i could see her just to say , remember that night. it would be a interesting conversation. a multitude of weird events have happened since. mostly right after that event and for several years after. none that i can make any sense of. that’s a whole other conversation. but i know things. like i said that’s a a whole other conversation.

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