UFO Sighting in Sprague River, Oregon on 2016-01-13 12:00:00 – Telepathic

My name is scot and i’m retired from the marine corps…I’m 38 years old, survived a rare “flesh eating bacteria” right at the very end of bootcamp, in front of the iwo jima memorial, on parris island, sc in 1999, and my mos was signals intelligence. i believe i’m not only in almost constant contact with “them” telepathically, but that they injured me intentionally, then saved me, and only recently began to reveal “themselves” to me. whoever pilots these craft also deploy nanotechnology to invade their targets body, to gain intrinsic access to our emotional states of mind, then using psychological techniques to achieve their desired motivational outcome on their targets instructions. i was renting a cabin from a purple heart veteran out in sprague river oregon 3 years ago, after i just happened to bump into the owner at a check out line in a grocery store. i had been at the cabin for a few months and was enjoying a warm fire at the outside fireplace i had plowed snow from around earlier when i leaned back and looked up. the craft was easy to see but hard to determine the height of. i could make out a circle within another circle hovering over me, directly, and telepathic communication along with wonderful vibes and energy made me really relaxed and i remember smiling from whatever sensation they were inducing with frequency technologies. the inner circle began to glow a different shade of tan grey, which almost identically matched the sky perfectly, but off just enough of a shade for me to make it out. the inner circle began to display images, in a black shadow on tan background. the first image was of the great pyramid, i assumed, there were no details except for the pyramid being shown in greyscale sort of. the next image was the eye of horus…Then the 3rd was an animated shadow picture of a stick man in a straw hat reaching into a satchel under his arm, throwing out what i assumed to be seed because as the stick man threw out the seed, birds came and landed. all the while i’m watching, it feels like many people, i don’t think its aliens, but many people began talking, in my head all at once, encouraging me, and reprimanding me, at the same time. this has been happening way more since after i was injured in bootcamp…Like a group of people were charged with telepathically leading me throughout most of my life, all the way to here and now…Not aliens.. but people with superior technology and have never known the meaning of typical day job…Elite technology one might say, royal society stuff. i watched the craft, and conversed telepathically with someone or many onboard for about 25 minutes then the craft began to vent a cloud around itself as it quietly and gently began to move away. it was at this point i noticed the other “clouds” decloak briefly before them misting themselves once more in clouds and following in the same general direction as the one above my head at the cabin. i think an entire class and group of people live all day long in the clouds, on advanced never needing to be refueled craft, with their entire families and multiple families maybe, on one craft, and rarely ever land, and only at royal villages and places no roads ever travel to…And i think they augment and alter realities using technological devices and mass media. i’m still in oregon, but have been back and forth, from here to n.C. and florida, multiple times, on whims not entirely my own since then. i wish i knew someone else going through what i’m goin through. i talk about any of this to law enforcement or the veterans affairs and they’re liable to lock me up.

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