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UFO Sighting in Syracuse, New York on 2012-04-19 23:30:00 – Ufo’s altered my reality that grew into anhedonia, transforming me to find i owned rarest ancient european kings through study of ufo’s.

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


The night i seen ufo’s i had recently before the sighting on my way home been cheated out of a seat to the next spot we were skating after a game of skate like horse in basketball. i said i would meet them at the next spot and i went to hess on erie blvd on salina st and erie blvd at the time. i had 8 dollars and spent 7 of the 8. as i came out to sit down and eat a danish and drink a red bull a man had approached me from across the intersection with a bag around 9:30 – 10:00 pm. it was making me a little nervous for it was dark out already and i was alone. he proceeded to ask me how long i’d been skating for he used to in the 1990’s before everything went sideways in his life. we chatted about skating in syracuse and the old videos and spots for a while. he then asked me if i could spare money for a taxi and all i had was one dollar and i gave that to him. he said he needed to go see his son. before he left he pulled a hunter s. thompson book titled the autobiography of a brown buffalo from his bag and proceeded to tell me it was a great book and that i should give it a thorough read. that was the last time i seen him that night. i had told him to come to a skate competition occurring soon but he never showed that day. when i got to the skate spot after hess, everyone was skating under the street light accompanying the tennis court. i asked a skateboarder who had been through the 1990’s era who had been there about the guy i just met and he said “that guy died in like a car accident years back or something like that” unaware of the full truth but aware of the guy. the guy who cheated me out of front seat for the ride to the next spot gave me a ride close to my house because at the time he lived near me. it was around 11:15 at night when we left. we arrived to butternut st at the end of the street right above the entrance to the hill he lived on around 11:30. i told him to stop before the stop sign at the end of butternut. he said why because it was odd to stop before the stop sign and i frantically said ufo’s in the horizon where the sun had previously set. the two were flying in two different angular degrees at different but super sonic speeds faster then anything earth created. as they crossed flying 20 degrees from the right and 40 degrees on the left across the banner of space over the land in the sky they crossed and stopped on a dime leaving no trails or evidence of flight. my buddy had a dog at the time of old age who’s eyes had the condition heterochromidia iridium. which is when the eyes are two different colors. a big saint bernard like dog. no deceased. for privacy concerns i did not list him as a witness and will not be able too. this event of sighting was recorded only with the eyes and mind. but a few years later i photographed a picture and they had returned while a plane had too been flying in the sky’s background. the ufo’s are positioned still like two eyes starring down at an angle through the eyes taking the photo in a reflection. i also found a folded dollar that i have a secrete that no other american can theorize of on. within the great seal on the one dollar bill i believe to have found the great seal hidden for over eighty years behind the folding technique which appears to me a historical joke by the designer of the bill. i had been failing in senior high this year in 2012 and i failed two more freshmen years before dropping out the third year. i was heavily influenced by the ufo’s i seen and others thought i was strange and weird because of my fascination i owned about them and myself at the same time. one girl said one time, your going to be a very rich man before i dropped out and i liked her. but she went on without me because i was failing and never looked into my achievements again. i went on to revamp in school becoming a academician with my time studying everything and anything course related as a written ethicist based on the almanac of my family history that built me. it lead me to want to resurrect a philip the great and that’s when i found the macedonians were with me. in which macedonia just pulled all the flags of macedonia down for good after 2000+ years and i’m watching everything unfold through international media. for the fiftieth year in 2007 before the end of the financial security of our estate and legacy we were the last middle class caucasian family in the dr.King elementary community of our stature and prestige.

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